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[Release] Windows XP Post SP3 UpdatePack 1.0.9


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Windows XP Post Service Pack 3 UpdatePack

No longer updated... Try this one http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6251

MD5: 63560AD484ECF28B197CC29A888A7E06

Size: 9.82 MB

Credit: UpdatePack is based on the work of the RyanVM UpdatePack, XUDPack by Xable and code65536 UpdatePack AddOn.


Adobe Flash Player


Malicious Software Removal

Microsoft Update 7.0.6000.381

Office Genuine Advantage

Office Update Engine 12.0.5525.1000

Windows Genuine Advantage

WSUS 3.0


Jauary 12-2008


- Fixed typo in my entries.ini (sorry guys)

Jauary 12-2008


- Updated MRT

December 22-2007


- Updated MRT

December 06-2007


- Updated Flash

- Fixed MU ActiveX Run prompt

November 24-2007


- Updated MRT

October 10-2007


- Un-Stubbed MRT (resulting in a bigger filesize)

October 10-2007


- Updated WGA

- Updated MRT October

October 8-2007


- Updated Microsoft Update 7.0.6000.381

- Stubbed the Malicious Software Removal Tool (version: 1.32 by code65536)

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can i addthis over ryans update pack?and how come ure addon is so small?the original sp3 size is 300+mbs(i know that it contains more files,as ure addon prolly only has critical hotfixes,but so does ryan's,and his is prety big).

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Rick I've send you a PM :whistle:

Please don't post such posts, since it looks like spamming. Also, as soon as you send message to Rick, it will pop-up on his screen when he refreshes or opens a new page on the forum. :icon_rolleyes:

No hard feelings, we just want to have this board as clean as possible.


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Hello. . I've been contemplating adding sp3 Pre beta to my disk but heres the things stopping me, if anyone can say otherwise just for the benifit of others, then please do.

1.SP3 may have a time bomb hidden to stop XP eventually.

2.The keys ment for SP2 may fail to work with SP3.

3.MS Updates may fail because SP3 is detected.

4.When the final SP3 comes out it wont allow you to apply it to the system if the Pre SP3 is detected.

So the main concerns here are the future proofing. . . I've put alot of time into my disk and it means I somtimes don't see PC's back for years. . so knowing it's safe for updates is most important.

Rick, I know it's just a project/hobby/test this update pack. . . but please consider NOT doing it, you time is to valuable to waste on this project. . about 1/2 my Disk mods are your's, so keep up the good work, but don't extend this Post SP3 Pre BETA update pack to more than a learning experiance, cause I don't see it mattering in a few months when final appears.

Sorry if I sound disrespectful, but I've spent my share of wasted time on projects like this, so think of it more as advice.


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