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Vista Login Screen Editing Tutorial

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I was just viewing all vista dll files in PE Explorer, when I discovered this. B)

First, what u should have.

(i) A resource editing tools (like PE Explorer)

(ii) Ur favorite picture in the following resolutions:

(a)1280 X 960

(b)1024 X 768



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Good Tut, but could you upload the Images another place ?

Because i don't have a JOE JOE user :(

BOOOOOOOO.... A fellow Sony Ericsson |-|4C|<3R 103.gif

I'm also intrested in editing the basebrd.dll file, but whenever i edit the image your also wanting to edit i either loose the image completely or it dont do anything, i've been reading that we need to edit the basebrd.dll.mui file to, but when i look in it with resource hacker i cannot see the file i've been told to edit :confused02:, its one of the few skinning tweeks i want to do, alone with the image at the right of the Control Panel (same thing happens as with basebrd'dll), if i make any more progress ill pass the info on :type:

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Hi again, i know this isn't professional fix but iv been running vista without problems for a few days now, what did was delete 120,121 images from within the basebrd.dll then open up imageres.dll with res hack and edit the logon screen, like i said its not very professional but its simple and effective :P

The logon screen is seen while logging in/out and when you press Ctrl+Alt+Dlt

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