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[AddOn] Genuine Advantage


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- Updated opuc.dll v12.0.5543.1000

- Added opuc.dll = 16 to TXTSETUP.SIF [FileFlags] to stop copy error

I added this to my entries_*.ini, this is done in the case you get this copy error

opuc.dll = 16

I'm getting the same filecopy error reported on page 1 of this thread. I integrated using RVMI, not nLite.

What exactly does the opuc.dll=16 line do anyway?


Still get the copy error when integrated with nLite. :(

Siginet thought it might be a modifype issue.

I think the real reason you get file copy errors is ricktendo may have forgotten to use modifype on the file prior to compressing it... so Windows setup recognizes it as corrupt. If I remember correctly... Xable used to have an Office Update addon that had the same issue and he had to revert to using an older version of opuc.dll for a bit. So maybe it has to do with something more complicated than modifype. opuc.dll is a part of OGA... I'm not sure if it is part of WGA. Maybe rick combined them together?
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I've got this error during install: The file opuc.dll was not copied correctly.

I'm using RVM Integrator 1.5Beta30, added this patch as "AddonPack(s)", tried several times both integrating with RVM and iso making with nLite.

Any idea... ? Thanks!


edit: I tried this with the latest December 03-2007 Genuine Advantage AddOn.

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Hi Rick hope things are well. I have a question about this addon I have spent 3 days and about 20 loads trying to figure out what was causing me to need this update KB898461 I am using the latest RVMUpdatePack with Integrator 1.5beta32 and several other addons I started to remove addons until I found the problem and it seems to be this addon that is causing me to need KB898461 on a fresh install if I do not us this addon I need the following

KB892130 WGAVT

KB905474 WGAN

KB941569 Windows Media

But I do not need the KB898461 could you please let me know why I would be needing that patch after using this addon on a clean install?



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I will have to look into it... Dunno but it may be the spmsg.dll (unsure)

Rick I think you might be right I have been looking into it and I noticed the latest spmsg.dll is version can I just replace the one in your pack and repack and test it?



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