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[SVCPACK] 2 in 1 QTAddressBar and QTTabBar

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I took the liberty of updating this to the beta one. I adhere to RogueSpear's "multimode" standards, so this will require the parameters -ai (silent) or -ai1 (passive) in order to install unattended.

A few differences:

1. Current "Explorer" (e.g., winkey+E) and "ShellBrowser" (e.g., dbl-click "My Computer") layouts are backed up.

2. My preferred settings and layout are imported upon installation.

3. Includes an uninstaller, which restores ShellBrowser and Explorer layouts.

Download: http://xp.xpdnc.org/QTTabBar_QTTabBar.exe

I didn't fully test it, but it should work without issues. Let me know if there are any problems and I'll look into it.

it work on my new xp project,thanks

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I can not download your addon


No more FTP...there is a more updated version and true addons of this program, I cant seem to find the links to provide you (maybe somebody who reads this can help find the true qt addons)

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