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8 things you must know before building a PC


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Opened the pdf file prepared for the worst. One of those factory techs that had to have every i dotted before moving on. This was a nice piece of work for someone to building a computer. Would have saved me a few headaches.

Being on fixed income, I've always built my own, and I made a few mistakes along the way. Found out that the 2 best tools in the chest are Google and taking the time to really research what you are putting together. He is right, building your own is addictive. Along the way, I learned computers are not fragile, and for fun they can be built in just about anyway you can think of. I saw 1 that a guy built in a fish net and hung over his desk. I've built 1 in a milk crate and 1 in a Domino's pizza box. Was fun. Everyone should take a crack at it-you learn a lot.

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