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[AddOn] Universal Extractor 1.5


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Universal Extractor v1.5 by Jared (aka nitro322)


MD5: 3C0EFCF89267CD1D376021D5B34CE180

Size: 4.75 MB

Website: http://www.legroom.net/modules.php?op=modl...;app=uniextract

Forum: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=62418&st=0

I was inspired by ZoSTeR's Universal Silent Switch Finder, so I wrote an application to do something I've wanted for quite a long time: an easy way to extract files from executable files, installation package, .msi files, etc.

I often have a need to unpack other application packages, whether it's to get a file out of it and I don't feel like installing the full application, or I'm investigating how to perform a silent install, or whatever the case may be. In the past it's always resulted in some internet research and dropping to a command line to do it manually. Now, I just right-click and select Extract. :-) PEiD was the key to this, so thanks, ZoSTeR, for the idea.

In the process, I also decided to add support for pretty much any archive/compression format I could think of. While this isn't overly helpful if you already own a good archiving utility such as WinRAR, I find it convenient to have a commone way of extracting everything. Also, since the package only uses freely redistributable components (mostly open source), it can be quite useful to send to somebody that needs to extract an odd file but doesn't have a supporting program.

Well, I guess that should be enough exposition. :-) I'm posting this here bacause:

* You people rock and have helped me out numerous times in the past

* As I said, I got the idea from ZoSTeR, so wanted to give back to the community

* I personally find this extremely useful for packaging, and various other tasks that this particular board is dedicated to. I think you will as well.

Please view the Universal Extractor website for complete technical details, supported formats, and full source code. This is on a DSL connection, so please don't hammer it too hard.

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Thanks for the update mate. :thumbsup:

It seems I have misunderstood you. Why do you need to know which archiver i am using? :unsure:

So I can set that archiver as my default archiver so that Uniextractor can add the reg entries for that specific type of archive for the shell extension...

You see theres a BIG difrence between the regentries for 7zip and WinRAR

Example for a .zip file winrar ref is like this Winrar.ZIP

and for 7zip its like Zip.cpio or something...

If i track and add those reg entries from 7zip and your reasosiate the zip files with winrar you will loose tha Right click extention to extract to subdir and other choices on the right click menu

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