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Windows7 Installation on Icelake [ Lenovo Thinkbook15 IIL ]

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        Hello, everyone ! These days I am trying to install Windows 7 on my thinkbook15iil. Before that, I have read some posts about the installation  and learnt that there are several diffculties to achieve the goal :

  • A5 BSOD caused by ACPI [1]
  • stuck on Win7 logo because of the lack of gop support in Win7 [2]
  • [Already Solved] Integrating drivers into Windows7 installation media [3]
     After I got the basic usage of OpenCore, the open-source boot manager of modern machines, I have some new ideas:
             Is it possible to use OC to avoid the chaoes[2] in Windows7 installation?
             Is it  feasible to bypass chaoes[1] caused by old ACPI.sys?
             Is it necessary to unlock the advanced menu of UEFI-BIOS of the computer? The feasibility? And if the answer is positive, how to do it?


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Hello and welcome here,


What is the purpose of running such an old OS on such a machine ?


With this tool, you can install Windows 7 with the boot.wim of Windows 7, maybe that will help with installation: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/mdl-win-7-tool-for-simplix-updatepack-aio-iso-with-install-wim-esd-creation.79421/

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And when it comes to register in MDL, a dreadful problem occurred: I was always regarded as an automatic program even after passing the recaptcha procedure. I tried to contact MDL forum's hoster, but got no replies.  How can I solve this ?

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