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Change Setup Background [not changed] + BSOD in VM


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I wanted to test the new WinToolKit 1.4.0 (currently v.15), for Windows 7 x64 sp1.

I have selected :

- updates : the last SoloR update pack

- drivers : some from driverpacks.net (massstorage, chipset, lan, wlan)

- tweaks

I'm facing 2 problems at the moment :

after more than 4h30 of updates/drivers integration (more than 300 upd. and 500 drv.), in Virtualbox's last version the "Setup Background" is not changed, and later a more severe problem, i always have a BSOD after the install.

For the tweak not working, I'm wondering if it could be caused by the size of the BMP or its resolution ?

(currently 6.5 Mb for 1920x1200 BMP, converted by WinToolkit automatically).

For the BSOD, did you tried the last Solor Update pack to see if updates are the cause of the BSOD, or some driverpacks maybe ?

(was working in previous 1.3 W7T using previous upd/drv packs)

Please find attached the INI, I hope it can help a little :-)



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