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[Addon] Bootscreens for xp sp3 v5.1.2600.5657


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In VMWARE everything is fine but once I try to install on my MicroPC, I get ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt, it is not missing so I imagine corrupt ?

this happened with two of your addons the blue and the blue XP pro, I removed your addon and everything went fine.


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I also tried the one by hngovr1 with the same issue, that is probably what you used ?

For editing my own, all I have to do is switch the bitmaps in res hack ?

Also in res hack I never can fine the green bar ?


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I hope the one with XP Professional will work on my Dutch installation.



I changed them both too dutch/nederlands. Dunno if thats neccesary, but i till now i only have got problems with bootscreens so.

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I tried the blue xp professional one on my Dutchinstallation but when the set-up is ready to install (in vmware), i get ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt. So i think it wont work with other then English.

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You got that Right Raoul, I have instaled every one in Spanish version and the computer wont start, I have copy every one in English version And all Worked Fine, so orbit30 if you will be kind to make them in Spanish would be great, also I have another request, Can You Put XP Prfessional Under The Color Tab.

Or If you instruct me how to do it I can make them..I Also Wish To Add Pictures to the Screens

:D :D :D

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Would love to have the XP Pro in Dutch too? Isnt there a possibility to make it like multilanguage, like you did we the OOBE? (havent checked out if OOBE works, will do in some minutes)


Checked the OOBE, some parts were Dutch and some parts were English :P

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hm... Nice to see Vista Boot Screens Addon for XP.

I made some graphical changes add Windows XP Text with Flag, but it was not working after Patching Kernel.

Can you merge these Images inside Vista Boot screens. I am asking for sp3 rtm 5512 Kernel. :P





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