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[Switchless] Kels Win7 CPL PacKs for x86 & x64 v5

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after the files extracted to my desktop i right clicked on the install inf files copy but do not show in cp so got all the file and no uninstall :( and the Secedit.exe is newer on my pc than in the pack

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Testing the 64 bit pack now. Will let you know how things go.

Btw thank you for the 64 bit pack. Finally :D


I installed it, but no CPL icons appeared in control panel :(

Hope to see a fix soon ;)

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Thanks Kel for the update :)

I saw you removed some apps... are they incompatible with Vista? (I'm asking because I have old 2.2 version installed)

About merging:

you could create an unique installer that check for os version (Vista or XP) and installs compatible apps only :)

I don't know if it's possible :P

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Hi Kel :)

Some suggestions:

- I ask to add ECC back. I know CCleaner is good to clean cookies as well, but I think ECC is better. It is able to identify and delete "expired cookies only" and this is a big feature since CCleaner just allows you to choose them manually with no infos about their validity status

- I think you should remove Timezone utility since Vista already has the built-in feature to show different time zones (in the clock properties)

- I think this package is better than original CPL's bonus pack because it includes less tools. I also tried it on XP and it works fine. The only app that gives error is "screen saver powertoy". All others tools are perfect. So I think you could remove this tool (since it's not important one) and have a single installer for both XP and Vista systems optimizing resources ;)


Some tools, like GPU-Z, need to be updated ;)

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