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[Switchless] Kels Win7 CPL PacKs for x86 & x64 v5

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v5.2.2 Log:Uninstall fixes and icon fixes v5.2 Log:CPU-Z v1.61.3GPU-Z v0.6.3HWMonitor v1.20 Added:MSconfig RegeditTaskman All Apps\Progs will run as admin.

The whole package is now uninstallable via the add/remove panel.
This pack contains:
BlueScreenView v1.4.5
CPU-Z v1.6.1.3
FixWin v1.2
GPU-Z v0.6.3
HD Tune v2.55
HWmonitor v1.20
MemTest v4.0
Rufus v1.2.0.183
SF IE Restorator v1
Services & Devices v3.4
WhatInStartup v1.33
User Accounts (Advanced)
MS Internal Shorts:
Task Manger
This is the x86 (32bit) PacK!
Size - 3.69 Megabytes
  File: Kels_Win7_CPL_PacK_x86_5.2.2.exe
CRC-32: 1cbb4d43
   MD4: 4ac9a4662afccda2a88501ef251280cb
   MD5: d8dfdb73893506fc9be1e19727d43b96
 SHA-1: f149cb23ad5e6a6e333538b679bf7d7ef4803c5e

This is the x64 (64bit) PacK!
Size - 3.89 Megabytes
  File: Kels_Win7_CPL_PacK_x64_v5.2.2.exe
CRC-32: 7c94440f
   MD4: a77b548a71f3ddd163260285cb9a2dc6
   MD5: 5599295fe40d30673ace7a634bb8dcf4
 SHA-1: 4d9eb77006c0cab13c031fbbd2c45ba518adc1b9

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This is a Silent Installer!!

v1.2 log
BootSafe v2.0.1000
CPU-Z v1.46
GPU-Z v2.6
HWMonitor v1.10
MemTest v3.7
Removed WinUpdatesList (Useless on Vista)

v1.1 log
CPU-Z 1.45
GPU-Z 0.2.4
HWMonitor 1.0.9

v1 log
Initial Release! 20 current CPL additions.

The whole package is now uninstallable via the add/remove panel.

This pack contains:

BootSafe v2.0.1000

ClearType PowerToy

CPU-Z v1.46

Expired Cookies Cleaner v1.02

GPU-Z v0.2.6

HD Tune v2.55

HWmonitor v1.10

MemTest v3.7

Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard

Microsoft TimeZone <-- Requires .NET Framework

Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel v2.1

MSI CleanUp Utility 4.4

Nero Info Tool v5.2.3.0

New MSConfig


Startup v2.8 CPL

Services and Devices v2.7

Windows Task Manager

User Accounts 2 CPL

Thanks to a good buddy of mine the silent installer now has a cancel option and notifications of installation and finishing...


Size - 3.06 megs MD5Hash = C54872871C8F83EF54CCDFD95627C3C4

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Actually it would be easy to do if I wanted to be MESSY :P (I can make cpl files for ALL of it, but the size would be like 2x)

Just got all my new parts in and together YAY! I will install 64x soon (yeeeech) and work on it. From what I hear it is a simple change todo...

Will be waiting for a Vista 64 bit version. Great work kels, keep it up :thumbsup_anim:

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Hey updated it.

Now I need a tester for the x64 pack. (I went 64 and absolutly hated all of it BTW)

I am going to make cpl's for the files just please let me know who wants to test it.

i will test 64 bit 1 for you :)

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