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Mozilla FireFox is eating my memory?


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I reinstall never version on FF .14 and do some adjusting like anonymous suggested me. No offense Rick but I did use that tool Firefox Ultimate Optimizer linked here,but from then I have feeling it acts even stranger. LOL it drilled all of my foxes that come and will come to my HDD LOL! I never had problems before but ever since then like bad luck come to me... Same problem occurred later on clean sys install.

Regarding FF 3.X beta x... I never used it? Any advantages over this one?

BTW right now I have almost 170mb burning in my memory after I did reinstall .. :angry:

EDIT: Seams like reinstalling to version .14 kinda fixed problem. I suspected on some flaws on some Facebook applications that I have active seems like one of those games (Dope Wars) have some flaws... while browsing/playing Dope Wars for some period of time my memory starts to grow..but when I don't play it everything backs to normal. like now FF uses only 97 mb of memory.

EDIT 2: Seems like we have new record here! b020.gifb020.gifb020.gif



My firefox ROCKS :jerry:


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I like Opera too, but I don't like the fact that if you're using proxy it just won't remember your credentials. Also, once you enter credentials Opera opens cached pages, you have to refresh manually. At least that's my experience..

Ehm, its a problem of Firefox, in my QuadCore PC uses 300.000mb to work, i dont have problem here but in my pc that have just 1 core and 256 of ram it's a grave problem.

Thats Why i Use Opera (L)

Try it, you will like it

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