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  1. So does this mean that if I decide to build a new computer later down the road, the current key wouldn't work on a new machine, thus having to buy another copy of Vista OEM? Thanks in advance
  2. Same thing is happening to me but it's nowhere near 900MB Internet Explorer 7 doesn't even use this much memory.......
  3. Hmmm.... The link goes straight to the download of the file....
  4. Not a nice way to request something unless you're making it yourself...... plus over here (EST) you're 6 hours late
  5. It's available for download at filehippo.com. When the official site works, just download it then delete it or whatever to add to the download count
  6. I have a widescreen monitor too and never thought about higher res images until now. I'll test it out with ->this wallpaper<- or better yet ->this one<-and if no one replies with info then i'll let you know
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