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[Addon] Kel's CPL All-in-One v12.6

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?!?! What is wrong with the icons? I am just not seeing it.

I will add the clpbrd into the mix though.

thanks for adding it in the next version

seem an image and not a 32x32 icon, look at the examples I put before and after and you will notice is the outline of the drawing, is a minor detail if you want to leave it like this.

could use the easy icon maker for editing (Tools\Erase All)


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The icon is very nice thank you very much for adding it:


but I see better the previous HDTune appeared more visible.

Thanks for updating so soon.

Hey Kels!!!!

Here I leave with the outline of resources deleted






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Hi, Kel

CLSID\{D14ED2E1-C75B-443c-BD7C-FC03B2F08C17} is the same for "HP USB Format Tool" and "TweakUI",

"HP USB Format Tool" will be not visible again ,I did not check jet, but will...

Thanks for new update



hey kels:

a little something more before you upgrade

HKCR, "CLSID \ (4DE05BC9-4BFC-69F6-8094-5E1069F2F51F }",,,"Clipboard"

but if he would be better:

HKCR, "CLSID \ (4DE05BC9-4BFC-69F6-8094-5E1069F2F51F }",,,"Clipboard Viewer"

this is the last thing I ask, do not bother you any more.

and thanks for the great AddOn.


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I had on Win XP pro installed CPL multipack lite which was about 750Mb. I didn't know for what was that and i uninstalled. Now my system works awful :(. What can i do to back it on? I downloaded CPL on the 1st page and i didn't fix it. Please help me.

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hello to everyone!

I'm new, and I would like to know where I could download the ultimate Kel's CPL pack for windows 7 x64.

With respect, I don't comprehend the correct way to get this software in its last version!


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