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[Addon] Preset Services & Descriptions

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2 features in one addon

1! Pre compiled Hardware Dock's for Services in different flavors

setting the preferred preset for the system to run on with in:

~ "Safe ~ "Tweaked" ~ "Bare Bones" ~ "Default" ~

in windows or Wile Booting ... (referenced with Black viper's Services preset configurations)


if the timer countdown is set to 9 Seconds, (as in .pic) its possible to Switch between Presets wile booting into windows using a boot menu

in INF:


change it from "9" to "0" and it will disable the boot menu.


2! Black viper's Services Descriptions

many web pages refer to Black Viper's Services Descriptions in the attempt to explain better how these services are used, what they really do, and how they relate to one another.

this addon will rewrite descriptions & names for the items found under services.msc with tips and explanations (making them more understandable) when viewing them under the services.msc window.


35bxx1s.png:Release: 26.04.09 / v 1.5.1 / RVM Integrator only


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countdown settings for the boot menu are in "UserWaitInterval",0x10001,09,00,00,00"

09,00,00,00 represents 9 seconds wait before windows start change it to 00,00,00,00 "0" and the boot menu wont show ;)

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Beautiful addon, I like your descriptions for services, Ironically they're better than Microsoft. I see you tried to cover as many as you can but over time different programs add new ones. And sometimes under a totally unrelated unrecognizable name. lol but anyway I was wondering if you could quickly edit the .ini and make a version that only has the descriptions and not the profiles. I'de appreciate it thanks. I could see it becoming a popular addon if you updated it every week or so with more descriptions until you had a mega collection and no one will ever have to find a new service and not recognize what it's from again.

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