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[Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11

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@German - I will add the option to name the link anything you like. I will add shortcuts for safe-mode. You can already name the folder that the link is placed in.

@dude - If I can reproduce the error, I will track it down and fix it.

@all - I am working on an update. I do not have much time, but, I will try to have it completed in 7-10 days. The first update will have everything that can not be automatically updated, removed. If anyone has the ability to host and maintain the files that can not be automatically updated, PM me. With that I can keep everything, with very little maintenance on my part and the script will always be current.



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i have a problem using a Firefox 3.6.12 silent executable, made with version 0.716

after installation, when i click "tools" then "add-ons", it shows this popup message :

ssl_error_ssl_disabled (cannot connect to services.addons.mozilla.org:443)

(then, trying to disable all the addons doesn't resolve the problem anyway)

i tried many times, check google, but i can't resolve this..

i notice too, that firefox doesn't seem to keep history settings (always reset to 'never remember history').

connection to Gmail for example return a "secure connection failed" page..

PS: i can see that dude-uk seems to have the same kind of problem.

PS: the last message is quite old, is the project still in development ?

Thx a lot :icon_cool:

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As some of you may know, I work alot. Alot.I have also taken on completing several certifications. I have not had any time for this project in a very long time. To be honest, it is no longer important to me. I have asked for someone to step in and assist or take over this project numerous times. I have only had one offer and he became re-employed shortly thereafter.

I am nearly completed with this round of certs and then will take a 2-3 week break before the next one. Since my next planned cert is javascript, I may re-write this in javascript to help prepare me for that cert.

Be warned, I will be removing everything that can not be automatically updated, that is, without my intervention. This includes all of the modified Firefox versions and all previous "Older versions" of Firefox. Those websites frequently change their format and the script had to be modified with each Firefox update.

I have been made aware of numerous bugs and it looks like some extensions may have started installing in non-traditional locations. I will do my best to sort these and all of the bugs that I am aware of of post an update.

I expect to have my last cert completed before Christmas and will begin work on this shortly thereafter.

I appreciate everyone that has used this script and still find it useful.

If there is anything that you would like me to be aware of, any additions, or options, now is the time. Please do this before I start working on it. It takes alot to rework the the user interface.


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to be honest i think it's really useful, but not "essential", and like you said it has to be kept up-to-date often.

having these bugs i mentionned earlier, i installed Firefox silently using the "normal" method ("-ms" silent switch + prefs.js + "em:id" method for the extensions, but it's a lot more work depending on how many extensions we have)

if you decide to update your tool, maybe you could add an option to supress some files (extra search site like amazon, yahoo, answer, for example)

if you decide not to update it, i can understand and i have to thank you for all the time you worked on it.


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i use a xp pro sp3 student edition as my base..

i add my silent addons first with RVM_Integrator_1.6.1

then add my nlite addons second with nlite

then add my driverpacks with DPs_BASE 10.06 last

then i run nlite again to make the iso image

xable UpdatePack-SP3-v2.0.0 = nlite addon

Framework all in one 1.1 - 4.0 = 2 nlite addons

Internet explorer 8 = nlite addon

Windows media player 11 = nlite addon

Kels runtimes 6.8 = nlite addon

Directx 9 june 2010 = nlite addon

RedDXManaged_1.1.0 = silent RVM addon

Flash 10.1 = nlite addon

Java 6 update 21 = nlite addon

Shockwave 11.5 = nlite addon

Silerlight 4.0.50524.0 = silent RVM addon

Klite mega pack 6.2.0 = nlite addon

Real alterative lite 2.0.2 = silent RVM addon

Quicktime alterative lite 3.2.2 = silent RVM addon

c++ 2005 = nlite addon

c++ 2008 = nlite addon

c++ 2010 = nlite addon

Firefox 3.6.8 = silent RVM addon -- addon make with this tool in this post, otherwise ill use a normal nlite addon instead.

pc wizard 1.9.4 = nlite addon

Infranview 4.20 + plugins = nlite addon

Recuva 1.37.488 = nlite addon

cpl mega pack 11.2 = nlite addon

cpl ram disk 3.0 = nlite addon

cpl Prime95 v25.8 = nlite addon

cpl netrepair = nlite addon

cpl RegTweaker = nlite addon

cpl IconRepair = nlite addon

cpl TrueCrypt = nlite addon

cpl vfloppy 1.1 = nlite addon

cpl Vista System Properties 1.8 = nlite addon

core temp v0.99.7 = nlite addon

Xp syspad 7.9.6 = nlite addon

Vlc 1.1.1 = nlite addon

AMD k8 processor driver 1.2 = nlite addon

Luna lclock 1.6b2 Refresh = nlite addon

Winrar 3.93 = silent RVM addon

Adobe reader 9.3.3 = nlite addon

SetPoint 480 = silent RVM addon

Internet Download Manager 5.18.5 = silent RVM addon

Xp antispy 3.97.3 = nlite addon

YouTube to Mp3 Converter = nlite addon

Mp3tag 2.46 = nlite addon

SysInternals 3.6 = nlite addon

Revo Uninstaller 2.23 = nlite addon

CCleaner 2.33 = nlite addon

EncodeHD12206 = nlite addon

WinGamesLive = nlite addon

ESET Smart Security 4.2.35 = silent RVM addon

iTunes 9.2.1 = nlite addon

unlocker 1.9.0 = nlite addon

windows live messenger = nlite addon

Messenger Plus! Live = nlite addon

i use a clean firefox upto date version installed and use local source to make it with

heres a pic of the way i have mine setup


my firefox extensions i use


if i add a normal firefox nlite addon not made with this tool all goes well

but my firefox addon extensions etc are not added and its just a normal version

and i would prefer to have a custom make firefox really..

even if i make a little corporate version without so many addons just to fit on a 700 MB cdr-rom

the firefox silent addon still turns out the same with the two boxes unticked..

everything else works ok.. i.e. all the other addons work perfectly..

Late is better than never right? I may have found the source of your problem. There is a file in the program files directory (%ProgramFiles%\Mozilla Firefox\greprefs\security-prefs.js) that is missing with the addon. As far as fixing the addon, I will try in the little spare time I have, but, I am hoping Jonnyboy beats me to it.

In the mean time, if you add your own security-prefs.js to that folder it should work.

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Late is better than never right? I may have found the source of your problem. There is a file in the program files directory (%ProgramFiles%\Mozilla Firefox\greprefs\security-prefs.js) that is missing with the addon. As far as fixing the addon, I will try in the little spare time I have, but, I am hoping Jonnyboy beats me to it.

In the mean time, if you add your own security-prefs.js to that folder it should work.

I do not know that I will beat you to it, but I am working on it. I need to learn javascript, so i am rewriting this to teach myself javascript and prepare for the cert. I only have a couple of hours per day, so it will take a little time.


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Sounds like a cool feature, but how do you then download the compiled addon?

BTW in order to vote I had to delete and recast my first vote

Hey ric,

The hta runs on the local system, regardless of where it is started. So, it still creates the completed addon on your system. Using the hta, the script is able to bypass all of the built-in security of the browser. The only real benefit is that the files are always current and I do not have to package, upload and post a new version for every change.

About the poll, do I need to delete the first poll?

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Just thought that I would give a progress update. I'm about 15% through the script, going line by line.

I am removing most of the plugins. That is, unless someone can locate direct links to them and share them with me. I already have direct links for flash, shockwave and silverlight.

I am also removing all of the 'Optimized Firefox' versions as they were a major source of pain.



I have started reading the scripts found in WPI and will be making more scripting changes, so it will be a little longer. But, I am making progress.


I found that converting everything to javascript is not going to work. I have been unable to control the flow and timing with javascript. I will only be using javascript to control the visuals, since a standard hta uses IE5 or IE7 standards, none of the CSS3 available in IE9 will work. But, even trying to force a specific IE standard breaks the hta's ability to use javascript. As soon as I finish fixing the layout, it will be ready for posting.

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Just a quick update. I have the visual styles completed and have completed writing the text files. They have been converted to javascript. They will be much easier to maintain and update as necessary.

I could use some assistance with testing and translations. If you have the free time, please PM and I'll give you the link for the files.

Thank you


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  • 2 weeks later...

Anyway. I have just completed, well 95%, an update. I need a little help in bug checking. I'll update the first post in a few days, after I have received some feedback.



Beta 2 Posted


MD5: 330394527F115E49BEF2524C0C65F6B0

File Size: 4.03 MB

View Changelog

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I am willing to add any plugins for Firefox, so long as someone is willing to maintain the plugins and provide a direct link to download and a web page or text file that shows the current versions that are posted.


Dropbox.com is a good place to host these files.

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Well, since I can not control the display in all versions of windows to at least appear to be similar, I am going to attempt to write this in c#. I have never written anything other than scripts. So, it may take me awhile. Any help would be appreciated. I would post it on github or somewhere similar, but again, I have never done anything like that.

I have gotten as far as getting the current versions of Firefox and downloading the installation files. It does not appear to be too difficult, but the code will be bloated and in-efficient. But, as long as no memory leaks, it should be ok.


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I've just tried it on a naked W7-x86 (no registry tweaks, IE9) but It can't go past the same old error: copyFileBlind on Line 780 at main.js Current Firefox + Private Options + Common Options + Flash. Tomorrow I will look more into it.

In the mean time, I've just fixed my script to properly update the version number (was using the right 7.x Firefox version binaries but mislabed as 6.0.2). Still works :)

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