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[Switchless] Kels UberPacK v4.2 (Win7-Based)

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k Kels since i moved to 64 bit

i started to see what is the issue with this tool in 64 bit

so i started by replacing every 11 (system32) to 16425(syswow64) << and it will still work on a 32 bit version

as the 16425 means system32 also in 32

the issue i had now is reg2inf

so in the cmd

i did the current

add this line

if exist "%windir%\syswow64\reg2inf.exe" ( set RegPath=%windir%\syswow64\reg2inf.exe ) else ( set RegPath=%windir%\system32\reg2inf.exe )

second replaced the

reg2inf.exe  "%WORKFILE%" "%OUTFILE%" /repvars


"%RegPath%" "%WORKFILE%" "%OUTFILE%" /repvars

i'm still trying to find the others issue and try to fix them

but that all i have seen until now

i hope i have helped a bit


about changing to 16425

only Open Command Prompt Shell Ext. leave it to 11

it needs to install that way

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Ah I finally found the uberpack for win 7 x86, lol.

If you have time, please give it an update. :thumbsup_anim: :rolleyes:

Resource Hacker 3.5 Beta

Unlocker 1.8.8

Open Command Prompt Shell Ext. 2.0.3

Also this:

Open in a new window

Is allready in Windows 7, so not needed.

Might have missed some.

Also I think this pack is a bit too big, prefer the way you did it with X64 Win7 one, much smaller. :prop:

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Whats a half-meg to a meg in size? Especially after you have installed Vista or Win7???

Anyways I have updated to v3 see changelog.

Thanks for the updates.

It not about the megs, its was about the amount of programs, which you decreased a lot, so now its fine.:P

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