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[Switchless] Kels UberPacK v4.2 (Win7-Based)

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New in version v4.2!

v4 Changelog:

Iso Creator is now script-style

Vista Switcher v1.1.4
Resource Hacker v3.6.0.92
NotePad2-Mod v4.2.25.720
Unlocker v1.9.1

Full list of things that are included.

Main Additions

NotePad2-Mod v4.2.25.720


RegShot v2.1.0.70 Unicode (Uninstallable)

Replacer v2.63

Service Tweaker v1

Unlocker v1.9.1 (Includes Unlocker Assistant and is uninstallable)

SendTo Menu Additions (Uninstallable)


Cabmaker v3.3

FGCBA v0.897

Iso Creator Script-Style

MSI Unpacker (Performs a admin install of .msi files to %homedrive%\admin)

Reg2Inf v0.46

Resource Hacker v3.6.0.92

Shell Extensions

.dll/.ocx/.ax Register/Unregister Regtweak

Advanced .inf install/uninstall Regtweak

Febooti CaSe v3

HashCheck v2.1.11.0(Uninstallable)

Mainsoft ClipName v1.3

Open CMD Promt v2.0.2.1 (Uninstallable)

Run with arguments v2.6.0.2

Vista Switcher v1.1.4


Size - 2.46 megs

MD5Hash =

File: Win7_UberPacK_v4.2.exe

CRC-32: 22205b42

MD4: 93f0c5719912d4fc6cd61a3af8882bce

MD5: e3ccfab203db580637f7da2e50fa3fd6

SHA-1: 81419129aaa4807e096a6a1a7b11d8fd34c64a20


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This one can't be done for 64bit.

Nearly EVERY thing in it is not 64bit compatable, sorry.

NP :)

Thanks for quick reply.

I actually tried running all the app on vista x64 (vmware), and yes, hardly any of these apps work.

Hopefully these apps will be available for vista x64 in future

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