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[Addon]EZSystems UltraISO update to v9.3.5 build2716


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well i already found that one while i was searching for some other stuff

i opened the Fourm Page by mistake

and i found that this trick was for Using in flash drive it would be nice as a portable not using any registry

and i found as well using that unikey that you can change lang

that all what i found and hope you understand about UpdateInis and if you got stuck in any thing i would be happy to help

Thanks mate,thanks the great help.these are very usefull for creating portable UltarISO, :thumbsup_anim:

i just found something too from their offical froum,just know ultaiso can work with both registry entries and configuration files,registry entries has higher priority

When start UltraISO,the main application ultraiso.exe will search regitry first ,if some items not be found ,it'll contiune to search ini files,there are two config files provide the features that make ultraiso work,as the info you provided one is UIKey.ini ,it record the registration informations ,GUI language and more items

Another one is ultraiso.ini,it record all features that make ultraiso work,so these two files are very usefull for creating portable ultraiso,when ultraiso is started just press "cltr+alt+E" ,This will generate ultraiso.ini in installation folder,if set the 'install' value from '1' to '0' in ultraiso.ini ,ultraiso will work with config files only,no more depend on registry,this is awesome!

thanks again ,good luck to u! time to go to bed.

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