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[Addon] KB940157 Windows Search 4.0 enu XP Sp3


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Windows Search 4.0 (KB940157 ENU XP Sp3)

Info: Windows Search 4.0 is an updated component of Windows that enables instant search on your computer.

WS4 lets you perform an instant search of your computer. WS4 helps you find and preview documents, e-mail messages, music files, photos, and other items on the computer. Please refer to the Knowledge base article KB940157 for a full description of the technology.

tabdownload.png nlitedc8.png+rvmsx3.png

MD5: c28e13bfc14dc768c3f88125aa797c83

Size: 2.93 MB

Whats NEW!!!

- Now updated with NEWER search engine and search filters from Vista SP2

- For compatibility reasons Entries_*.ini will prevent you from removing 'Terminal Services', 'Network Provisioning' & 'MSMail and MAPI' components if you are using it with nLite (you dont need to but I recommend you keep 'Search Assistant')

- Addon/UpdatePack makers are welcome to modify/improve/translate/release this addon for use with your language (including English) all I ask is a honorable mention ;)

- Program can now be (un)installed via Add Remove Windows Components


- Can also be turned off during unattended setup by adding the following to the Components secion WINNT.SIF


- Plus other improvements...


Jul 11-11

- Fixed text document preview/indexing (tquery.dll)

- Couple other iFilter fixes

Jul 5-11

- Updated with Vista SP2 search engine & filtes (replaces KB915800-v4 and KB961184)

- Program can be uninstalled via Add/Remove Windows Components

- Addon is now compatible with both nLite and RVMi

Jun 10-09

- Added KB961184 and KB963093

Sep 20-08

- Tweaked INF a bit

- Added [NeededComponents] to both entries.ini to stop nLite users from removing necessary stuff

- RyanVM Integrator compatible version added (thanks to yumeyao)

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well that something i might help you in

i have this tool i found couple of monthes ago while i was searching for a way to make inf setups


the free version of it makes normal inf

the pro makes an exe files

sadly i didn't test the pro version

i hope i could have helped

edit: lol while i was typing this replay i found another way that might help

you can use a built in utility in windows xp <<<dont know if its in vista

go to run and type this command iexpress i hope i helped

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I noticed there a new high-priority security update for Windows Search. Is this something that you are able/willing to incorporate into your addon?

Here's a link for the info on the update: Vulnerability in Windows Search Could Allow Information Disclosure (963093)

Thanks, again, Ricktendo for this update. :thumbsup_anim:

Uncle Gadget

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This addon was only meant to show that it could be done, you should be using a UpdatePack that includes this program

Thanks for the quick update! :worthy:

Just curious, though, is there a particular reason you recommend this be in the update pack? The only pack I'm aware of that includes it is OnePiece's - and his has FAR TOO MUCH stuff in there for me.

Captain Gadget

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BTW what version do you use, RMVM or nLite?

I use RVM to integrate the update pack, IE8, and .Net Framework, but I use nLite for all addons (Including your Search addon) and Windows tweaks. Thanks again!

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Hello ricktendo64, excellent work to you, helps a lot =]

My name is Vitor, I'm from Brazil, I need help from you

I need the Windows Search 4.0 for Windows XP PTB, not ENU

If possible of course to this addon, I will be grateful

Link download Windows Search 4.0 PTB for Windows XP :




(Thanks Google Translate, my English is terrible =,[ )

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