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[AddOn] Media Center 2005 (English) January 24 2012


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If you want, i'll give you my project for translating this Media Center addon, after i go home... There are some Localizations Pack, But i think, you can use .MUI files from Vista/7 but only in my project...

I'll appreciate that if you could give this to me. My windows 7 are x64 in English with Greek language pack I

think that I could use them.

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I'll appreciate that if you could give this to me. My windows 7 are x64 in English with Greek language pack I

think that I could use them.

Here are my TPC and MCE LocProjetcs... Maybe it helps you. If you have any questions, write me PM ;)


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Hi ricktendo64, had an issue with other addons not showing up after I used this addon see "BUT MISSING" below.

using a clean win XP sp3 source

I added separately using RVMIntegrator v1.6.1 beta2.1 each of these

Extracting OnePiece_Windows_XP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_v4.3.1_ENU.7z


Extracting OnePiece_Remove_BrowserChoice_AddOn.cab


Extracting OnePiece_Remove_Microsoft_Update_AddOn.cab


Extracting OnePiece_Remove_Windows_Search_AddOn.cab

now using 1.491 of nlite first time for me I added

Ricks_XP_to_MCE05_enOCT09.7z (I may have renamed it and some others below but I used last version available)

back to using RVMIntegrator v1.6.1 beta2.1 then added all these in one go each of these

Extracting YumeYao_MicrosoftVC789RuntimeLibraries_MixedAddon_2_0_1.7z

Extracting Addon_AdobeReader_1000.7z

Extracting Addon_Foxy_DVDShrink_3.2.0.15_v1.1.cab

Extracting Addon_ImageResizer-Powertoy-v1.2_OrcoXP.cab

Extracting Addon_WinRAR Final-(x86)-English.cab

Extracting Addon_xable_HashTab-x32-v3.0.cab

Extracting defraggler200230_ELiTE_Addon.7z

Copying Java6u23.exe

Extracting Kels_CPLBonus_v11.6_addon.rar

Extracting Ricks_CCleaner3.02.1343_Intl_addon.7z

Copying SFX_Qt-lite_4.1.0.exe

Extracting TbarShuffle25_ELiTE_Addon.7z

nlite to add key and remove media player sample music and tour

then driver packs

Detected DriverPack Chipset 1011!

Detected DriverPack Graphics A 1011!

Detected DriverPack Graphics B 10111!

Detected DriverPack Graphics C 1011!

Detected DriverPack LAN 10111!

Detected DriverPack Mass Storage 1011!

Detected DriverPack Sound A 1009!

Detected DriverPack Sound B 1009!

Detected DriverPack WLAN 1009!

On install of windows....no hang up or error messages

drivers packs all working

media centre working

taskbar shuffle working

adobe 10 working

qlite working

java shows up

defraggler working


No start menu option for IE

No quick launch or desktop icon for IE (works if u add it)

No quick launch show desktop (works if u add it)

NO control panel extras completely missing (Kels_CPLBonus_v11.6)

NO right click image resizer option (ImageResizer-Powertoy-v1.2_OrcoXP.cab)

NO hashtab

NO ccleaner


NO dvd shrink

I have used everything before and always worked on versions where I did not have media centre addon BUT that was before I used the latest OnePiece pack with all dot net built in.

The day before I did the same but used Rvmi to add media centre because the instruction not to use it are on page 4 or somewhere (Rick can you update the need to integrate with nlite on homepage please?) this failed to install media centre but windows loaded OK and hastab I think was there and working, pretty sure dvd shrink was there but isn't now and ccleaner was definitely missing.

Any ideas what to do next time so the other addons show up please ?

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An INF is failing somewhere in the process...doing so many different integration passes its hard to tell what is failing

thanks for the reply..... u/h suggested the same reason on ryan's page for OnePiece pack.... i'll have another try :D

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Still nLite, but I gimmy a day or so. If you want I can create a entries.ini file that is rvm compatible (filemove, extrafileedits need to change a bit and I think I need to add i386_compress)

Edit: Added RVMI compatible addon, tested with u_h updatepack, yumeyaos ie+wmp+runtimes+xps and my svcpack .net spanish addon and all worked perfect

M_S, any other addons you need made compatible just let me know and I will try to see what I can do

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