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[FINAL] Away mode (KB902437) MCE Addon


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Does this cause the same problem if I install KB902437 after installation or at t12 or during runonce?

Edit: Found this: http://rapidshare.com/files/336735346/AwayMode-KB902437-ENU.exe

and /quiet or /passive can be used. But cannot install it on xp live system thats integrated with media center addon...

Your addon works great anyway. That's pity...

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I don't recommend this addon, it edits syssetup.inf which breaks the digital signature
hi rick! you recommending we ditch your addon? :( never thought about its effect on syssetup.inf but could there be a workaround for this so we can continue using this without any potential issue? even reported before that away button was visible in my install alright ... cheers! Edited by kiki burgh
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You could manually replace syssetup.inf in the inf dir with the original from your CD or you could use the installer instead, it does not touch syssetup...only reason I had to was because it was the only way I could think of to execute the inf files

I cannot understand... .inf should be replaced after integration on cd or somewhere on %windir%'s folders after integrated windows installation?

If it is after can we do it during T-12 stage OR using $oem$ folders?

The installer doesn't seem to work... unfortunately.

Edit: Before nlite I used Rvmi integrator for updates and checked optimize my system files option. That means that syssetup.inf was cab compressed before away mode integration. Please check the attached file, is digital signature broken?


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SP3 w/o media center?

I think so

XP SP3(x86) without MCE.

Or I don't install correctly your Ricks_AwayMode-KB902437?

There are 5 inf files, and I installed them on windows explorer directly.

(Press right button of mouse on inf file, and click install.)

Any wrong step?


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You integrate it into your XP with nLite

Thanks! But I'm unable to use nLite with my installed XP on PC.

However I found another way to install KB902437 hotfix and it works fine now.

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