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XPtsp GUI v3.0.0.26 - February 27, 2012



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Thanks for the feedback. I'll incorporate changes needed to support IE8. And I'll also look into the missing files thingy..... Hopefully, I'll have a solution sooner rather than later. Tell me, what IE8 addon are you using?

EDIT: It might also be helpful if you would list the files that are missing from the source folder.

problem solved, Bober had it correctly done

Thank you

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That was NOT what I asked for.... If you simply want to complain that something isn't working correctly without providing necessary information for me to solve it, then just don't bother. Give me SOMETHING to work with.... It does me no damn good to have someone say "it deletes files", i ask for which files, and get a complete brush-off because Bober's does it fine. In case you didn't know, the GUI will be replacing both the batch and add-on versions at some future point.

Now, this GUI v1.4.6.0 is based on an early version of the beta batch v1.4.6.0. It does NOT support Internet Explorer 8 correctly. I NEVER claimed that it did. It did have the resources from said version, though. Internet Explorer 8 support barely existed at that point.... and that was only because of the resources (which weren't applied correctly because the script hadn't been updated).

EDIT: Now, I have done some testing of the integration code (again). I found that the script somehow deletes two files: MSTSC.EXE and MSTSCAX.DLL. I have commented them out and am proceeding to test the code.....

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sorry if you meant what I replied above, All I wanted to say that I used bober patch on the CD and it worked out fine. I have not tried the GUI since then, so I couldn't make any reasonable feedback, but if you want I can test it too again on virtual box and let you know accordingly..

Hey you are doing a very nice job here and i didn't mean to.. or anything you may think about..

so heads up and a nice day /evening whatever.

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CODYQX4: I'd rather not have to force .NET Framework down a user's proverbial throat....

Bober: Doesn't the QTab program that you supplied have a .NET Framework dependancy? Because I've tried it with and without .NET Framework and it doesn't work for me.....

Qwesta: I'm sorry I got really irritated with your prior post. The more specific you can be with your bug reports, the easier it is for me to go after the bugs. It just seemed to me that you found a solution to your problem, that helping with the solution to the GUI wasn't "your concern". That's how I took it... I do want and need help in trying to run down any and all bugs in the program and I DO appreciate you testing it! After all, there have been a few bugs that I wouldn't have known about if they hadn't been reported....

If you can get me a list of those missing files, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you can let me know which IE8 addon you're using, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: Please test with latest XPtsp.exe. You will have to unpack the GUI, then replace the executable. Here it is:

Internal INF correct for Cursors + 1st attempt at IE8 support (based on Bober's batch):

Download Link: XPtsp.7z

MD5: 55db98292a1d568bb426445fd346233d, Size: 476kb

This should be much more compatible with IE8 than the previous XPtsp.exe. Please let me know how it goes for you. Thanks!

UPDATE: I've located a "bug" in the script, which doesn't add the necessary entries to SVCPACK.INF and SYSOC.INF. Matter of fact, those files are completely empty! I'm going to investigate this tomorrow.....

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I integrated the addons in the following order:

RyanVM Update Pack


One Piece IE8 Addon

Redxii's DirectX 9.0c 0.7.0 Addon

jd976 DotNet AIO Addon

Kels CPL & Runimes

Ultimate Sounds

Ricks MCE 2005(i checked the hash and it was OK)

Vista MCE 2.3(i checked the hash and it was also OK)



During the TXT setup where i windows copies files after formattinng, I get 2 errors. The first one says something like Setup.exe is not valid. The second one says cannot copy sysoc.inf . Then i manually checked sysoc.inf and found out that the file was empty. I checked the source before using XPtsp and sysoc.inf was not empty. After i select skip the and the file finishes copying the the PC restarts and an error shows something about lass.exe and it keeps on restarting after showing this same message.

I didn't Hex edit anyhting and i didn't select Tab bar and other stuffs. But i did select OEM generator.

Please tell me what i am doing wrong?

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Rubab: You didn't do anything wrong. I just ran a Pro install in a VM and stopped before entering GUI Setup mode. Got the same text-mode error messages that you did. The error about Setup.exe is about the Windows Setup program, VERY IMPORTANT! This program controls the WHOLE install process for Windows. The error about SysOc.inf also VERY IMPORTANT! This file controls the WHOLE "Optional Component" installation thingy....

I've already got an idea of what is causing the SysOc.Inf problem and will work to fix it today. I suspect it's somewhat related to the SVCPACK.INF problem.... I'm gonna have to investigate to see what is causing the Setup.exe problem....

Thank you for the bug report.

EDIT: I just figured out that the SETUP.EXE that is supposed to be in the root of the XP source is actually compressed and placed in the i386 folder. That's why that error is occurring and has been fixed for next release.

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I have figured out the SysOc.INf problem... When the program unpacked that file, it didn't move it to the right folder. The program tried to add lines to the non-existant file, then compressed it, resulting in a empty file compressed.... I am testing to make sure it's fixed, but I'm pretty sure it has been fixed for next release.

EDIT: During my test so far, Setup has finished the text-mode setup phase and proceeded to the GUI Setup phase without file copying errors.

EDIT2: Prompt about "XPtsp" occurred during GUI setup. Will investigate tomorrow.

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STATUS UPDATE: I've figured out what the "XPtsp" prompt was about after I got up way too early this morning. (Yeah, I went back to work after 11 days off.... It's odd getting up at 4am when you've gotten used to getting up about 7am to 8am...) The INF was trying (unsuccessfully) to copy stuff listed under the "Add Registry" sections instead of the "Copy Files" sections.... DOH! :doh: The INF has been fixed, but at this point, the GUI still can screw up the INF. I haven't tested the GUI with Internet Explorer 8, yet. It is on the list of things to test today. Once I get everything working properly ( :blink: or at least those things I know that aren't ), I'll post the new release.

EDIT: First test went smoothly. Tomorrow is the IE8 tests, one live and one integration. Once it's verified working, I'll post the newest release.

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STATUS UPDATE: I started testing the new code to support IE8. I'll have to write more code in order to support Sereby's IE8 addon because the GUI only patches 1 file in IE8.CAB (IEFRAME.DLL.MUI). I'm pretty sure that OnePiece's IE8 add-on will be patched correctly by the GUI because there is no CAB file to deal with.

EDIT: Just looked at Bober's batch.... there is only three files that are actually patched inside IE8.CAB, so I'll have to add 4 lines total in order to make it work with Sereby's IE8. Then back to testing....

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What's Changed in v1.4.6.0a:

- Resources updated from OFFICIAL batch v1.4.6.0.

- Fixed invalid cursor settings within internal INF.

- Fixed code that resulted in INF copying from "AddReg" instead of "CopyFiles" sections.

- Fixed code that resulted in SP3.CAB files in XPTSP.CAB file.

- Added support for Internet Explorer 8 integrated into XP source.

- Fixed code so the SVCPACK.INF gets updated with the programs to install.

- Fixed code so that the GUI doesn't output a 0-byte SYSOC.INF file.

- Fixed code so that AutoPlay program doesn't replace i386\Setup.exe program.

I am aware of the fact that when patching Serbey's IE8 true add-on, the Internet Explorer control panel isn't patched. This is not intentional and will be fixed in the next release. Let me know if you find anything else that needs to be fixed. Thanks!

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What's Changed in v1.4.6.1:

- Updated TaskMgr.exe.Blue.Res and TaskMgr.exe.Purple.res.

- Folder reorganization to better support future compression of resource files.

- Modified code so that OS type string is language independent.

- Changed the way the GUI detects the OS type on a live system.

- Fixed "Build CAB" progress window so that wrap-around doesn't occur.

- Fixed Integration code to prevent above 100% during DRIVER.CAB/SP.CAB creation.

- Removed code that changed bootscreen to Blue upon detecting Pro or MCE.

- Fixed code so that Task Manager is built correctly for colors other than Green.

- Fixed issue where one of cursors wasn't copied properly during Windows Setup.

- Fixed code so that SFC_OS.DLL gets correctly patched.

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Rubab: Do you have the "OEM Info" option checked and the "Include Resources" option unchecked? I think that is the only way that error can occur.... and it's something I didn't think of when I coded it. I'll fix the code so that situation won't happen again.

STATUS UPDATE: I have figured out why the GUI doesn't patch INETCPL.CPL.MUI in Serbey's IE8 add-on. It's not in the list from the language files! DOH! :doh: So, I'm thinking I should change the list in memory so that the file appears in the list... and that actually took care of that issue! Woo-Hoo! :dancing:

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What's Changed in v1.4.6.2:

- Rewrote OS detection code to properly ID non-English operating systems.

- Added code to copy XP install files from CD to temporary folder.

- Will prompt for second disc when integrating into XP Media Center source.

- Live: Added prompt to download & install .NET Framework v2.0 if not installed.

- Integration: Added prompt whether to get .NET Framework v2.0 for QTab.

- Added code to support Browse button and Edit field on Install Location page.

- Pages renumbered as page numbering was getting to be difficult to work within.

- Timer function modified to stop the clock at end of integration of resources.

- Fixed code so that INETCPL.CPL.MUI inside IE8.CAB gets patched.

- Added new sections to XPtsp.ini for IE/WMP file renaming inside CAB files.

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Question of the Day: When the resources are compressed with the rest of the XPtsp stuff, the CAB file is 39mb. I've compressed the resources using 7zip. The resources archive is 29mb and the CAB without the resources is 1.3mb. So, we can save about 9mb using 7zip to store the resources on the XP CD, plus however much time is involved with compressing the resources again. However, I don't know how to properly reference the 7z file on the XP CD without putting it in a CAB file, but I'm gonna figure it out. I figure it can't be too hard.... after all, we do it with CAB files. Maybe I can just do the same with the 7z file.... and use the INF to copy the 7z file to the proper folder....

An additional benefit would be a space savings on the hard drive, because instead of the resources occupying 175mb, they would occupy only 29mb. I can also pack the backup's to save that space too, but that would have to happen at the end of a patching session. The disadvantage would be that some or all of the archive would have to be unpacked in order to get at the resources to repatch. There wouldn't be a disadvantage during initial patching because the resources have to be unpacked anyway, it would just take place prior to patching instead of prior to running the GUI.

If the coding was done right, the user (or even the GUI) could literally download multiple themes and choose between them prior to installation. Of course, that would mean that it would be a 2-part download (base plus resources), but if it meant greater flexability, would it be worth it?

Yes, I realize that space isn't an issue for most people. Hell, I have 1 terabye of hard drive storage at my disposal. But, any thoughts on what I've just mentioned would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Rubab: Do you have the "OEM Info" option checked and the "Include Resources" option unchecked? I think that is the only way that error can occur.... and it's something I didn't think of when I coded it. I'll fix the code so that situation won't happen again.

STATUS UPDATE: I have figured out why the GUI doesn't patch INETCPL.CPL.MUI in Serbey's IE8 add-on. It's not in the list from the language files! DOH! :doh: So, I'm thinking I should change the list in memory so that the file appears in the list... and that actually took care of that issue! Woo-Hoo! :dancing:

Yes that is exactly what i do. I mean i select OEM info Generator and Uncheck "Include Resources".

BTW thanks for updating it i will try it soon.

Can you tell me how i can change the Logon Screen when i am applying XPtsp because i edited logonui.exe.res and sysdm.cpl.res and pasted it on the temporary folder which XPtsp creates but it only changed the sysdm.cpl but the logon screen was the same which was on the original logonui.exe.res.

Remember i am using the Media Center addon. Is there any special resource which patches the files if it is Media Center because i want to change the default Logon Image which comes with XPtsp.

Edited by rubab
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Rubab: I hope that I fixed the "program not found" error that you mentioned. I'm pretty sure I did.... Let me know if I didn't.... Thanks!

In order to patch the MCE logonui for the GUI, edit the logonui.exe.res in the Resources\MCE folder. In the batch version, it's in the Extra\MCE folder. If you edit the one in the Resources folder, that one will only show up in a XP Professional version. Hope this helps!

I don't think the fact that you are using a Media Center add-on will affect anything. Just use the patcher after you've finished integrating everything into the XP source that you're using. It should work just fine.

Everybody: I found a new way to ID live operating systems using an GetVersionEx call here. To my knowledge, it can't be fooled (unlike my current solution). Unfortunately, this does nothing for an integration. Maybe I can find something in the XP hive files....

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I am still getting this error during t-13:

"Windows cannot find 'C:\Program Files\XPtsp\XPtsp.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. "

I selected OEM info Generator and Unchecked "Include Resources". Yes i am using v1.4.6.2. I matched the Hashes.

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rubab: I forgot to copy the executable to the program files, but managed to get the registry entry included.... which is why the error message occurred. So it's been fixed for the next release.

STATUS UPDATE: I think I've gotten the Repatcher code working. I've also enabled the other options in the Maintanance mode for XPtsp GUI. I've got to revise the code for the uninstaller to allow the user to remove JUST the program and not the modified files. I haven't tested the new code yet. If it works, I release the new version in a few hours.

Off-Topic: Yeah, I would have posted sooner, but we lost power here at the house. I think a tornado touched down maybe 3 miles away from the house. I'm just glad that we got absolutely no damage.... Several properties down the road got hit, though.... I guess that was our excitement today....

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STATUS UPDATE: Ok, I've rewritten the Maintainance Mode page so that the user can (1) instruct the patcher to update all files needing updating, (2) modify the components selected by calling page 4, (3) integrate the resources into a XP source folder (only if launched from the SFX) by calling page 5, and (4) uninstall the patcher by calling the uninstaller (page 20). The uninstaller has been changed so that the user can (1) remove the patcher program AND the modified files, or (2) remove just the patcher program plus backups. I'm also adding code to remove the registry entries it makes during installation.

In addition, a Control Panel applet has been added to the mix. Right now, the applet is simply the XPtsp Maintainance Mode. It will be modified at some future point to handle the resource updater, as well as other functions that can't easily be done through the linear GUI installer.

Repatcher has been written and is being tested at the moment. There is much testing to be done and I wasn't able to do much of any testing because of the power interruptions yesterday caused by the tornado that passed us by.

The first post of this thread has been updated to reflect each of the page's appearances and their new positions, as noted by the filenames (Page2, Page3, etc). Page 1 can't be seen right now, but will be visible once there is more than one language to use. Page 6 (Resource Theme Selection) will be visible when it gets coded.

3 Hours Later: Control Panel applet has been changed to make the Maintainance Mode code a part of the applet. The GUI functionally is fine, but visually screws up when 300+ files are "counted", but only 20 files are to be patched. The code responsible for patching has been altered so that the number of files being patched is counted prior to displaying which files are being copied to resolve this "bug".

The code responsible for repatching files appears to be successful at the task. Once the final touches get written for the GUI version & the command-line version of the repatching code is written and tested (which will be tomorrow), I'll make the next release available.

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What's Changed in v1.4.6.3:

- Fixed code allowing for OEMInfo to be run without Resources being included in Integration.

- Renamed TaskMgr.exe.res to TaskMgr.exe.Green.res.

- Wrote code to repatch files as necessary based on file or resource changes.

- Rewrote Live Patch code to actually count files needing patched.

- Maintenance Mode can launch Repatcher if the user requires it to be manually run.

- Modified Maintenance Mode so that changing options set in Component Selection is possible.

- Modified Uninstaller so that removing just the patcher & backups is possible.

- Added a Control Panel applet, which is a reincarnation of Maintainance Mode at the moment.

- Enabled Repatcher during Windows startup to scan for and repatch modified files.

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