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Hey haven't been updating W7T much, been busy at work. The next release will have a "Vista SP2" tab which currently has Service Pack 2 RC for Vista and once it is final i will starting adding Post-SP2 updates, it would take a bit too long to add all Vista SP1 Updates.

So far in the list is..

*Service Pack: Service Pack 2 Release Candidate x86

*Service Pack: Service Pack 2 Release Candidate x64

I could add vista extras if anyone would like that? i.e Tinker, to be honest i don't know whats going to be included in Vista SP2. But if someone would like a Vista Extra/Optional added to the W7T list, let me know which ones :)

Back on topic..

Thanks for the good feedback, it means alot :)


Thanks for the tweaks, i will add them when i start the WIM Tweaking Tool or whatever it is going to be called.


Regarding the %SystemRoot% problem, i will definitely look into that

@medo in love & @Jatin Beniwal

Removing components, i might do but not right now. It depends if nuhi is going to work on Win7 or not.


Regarding 7zip x64,hopefully will be done by the end of the week or even 2moz :P

Any questions?

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As you know, i have stopped it from doing the %SystemRoot% conversion (in build 6)


7-Zip x64 addon has been done, as well as soon others you may like :)

@Jatin Beniwal

I've added Dreamscene, Dreamscene contents pack, Tinker, Hold'Em, and some Sound Schemes too. They should be in the Vista SP2 list when you next open W7T. Enjoy!


It will contain Vista Post-SP2 updates, but the program will mainly be focused on Windows 7.


Build 7 will incorporate a 64bit detection fix, where CAB Installer, Update Integrator or some other tools will not let you add x64 updates to the list although you are using x64 OS. This has been fixed.

I've started work on unattended, i will also make some tools work offline so you don't need to select a WIM first i.e. Unattended Setup (will just create the Unttended.xml for you) and the Tweaker Tool (so you can apply the tweaks to the current install).

Any questions?

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This morning i have been focusing on reducing the size of W7T, i have manage to do alot of reduction.

So far....

W7Toolkit.exe - Main Executable

~1.4MB > 454KB

W7T.accdb - Update List

1.38MB > 472KB - Will not take as long to download the Update List when W7T is started.

7zip - Used for extracting addons, updates, etc...

915KB > 214KB

Removed Imagex.exe (~450KB)

W7T.exe - Installer

2.41MB > 1.38MB Good news for those with slower connections.

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