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[svcpack] Windows Sidebar Styler [WSS] v2.0.6


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wsscustomak2.png wss2customih2.png

Windows Sidebar Styler v2.0.6 [WSS] by Stanimir Stoyanov

Compatible with Alky for Applicatinos and The Windows Sidebar AddOn

I recomend you use RyanVM .Net AIO.

Download.png Requires .Net Framework 3.0


Size: 4.57 MB

Blog: http://www.stoyanoff.info/


Very Special Thanks:




Rafael & ZoRoNaX

Stanimir Stoyanov

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Nope, but I think I should combine both AddOn Makers into one that will detect WSS and ask if you want to back up both Sidebar Settings and your current WSS Skin... The WSS Skin Grabber grabs your skin settings and the Gadget Settings grabber grabs your gadget layout and settings...

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OK... The WSS skin addon maker is simply the Windows Sidebar Styler skin you have added to your Sidebar, backed up and made into a addon... If WSS gets installed fine during SVCPACK.INF then when you first log into windows the sidebar will already have your favorite WSS skin applied.

The Gadget Settings Grabber is the layout of your gadgets, example you set the clock and weather and other gadgets the way you want them... And you execute the gadget settings grabber and the layout will be backed up so when you first log in your gadgets are set the way you had them.

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Sorry Rick. I still don't understand. As I understood, WSS addon maker is a tool to backup current setting and make an addon. So when I use the addon built by the addon maker I will have my favourite sidebar setting. Is'it true?

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