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Which version of 7 you getting?

Guest snakecracker

What version you getting?  

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  1. 1. Which One?

    • Ultimate
    • Professional
    • Home Premium

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Guest snakecracker

Pro or ultimate, haven't decided yet.

I'm going for Pro.

I don't need Ultimate I don't use the bitlocker nor do I need the lang.

Or if you want to say that i've 'got it all' like N1K has said a few posts back..

But really Pro and Ultimate are the same tbh...

just 2 things that are different.

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well as i said Home Premium is for me

unless i got a new laptop that have VT support

i may think of PRO but BitLocker is not use for me so Ultimate is just Over the edge for me

so i'm waiting for the New laptops :rolleyes:

three or four months left

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Guest snakecracker

My Home Premium arrived this morning :D

Awesome!! :D I want to order mine but i have not got the money yet... :/ I'm still waiting for EMA. lol don't you love the government giving away their money... loooool

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