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Hello WinCert members,

There are already quite some members on WinCert, RyanVM, and MSFN, etc, that do their best to package about every single (freeware) application for unattended installations. I don’t see the point doing the same thing myself (nor do I have the time, or upload speed, or hosting space to do so). Instead, I offer you to build Switchless Installers or Addons upon request.

The Rules:

- No warez or any other illegal material!

- No huge 100MB+ apps (I simply don’t have the upload space nor upload speed).

- Must not be (nor contain any) rogue-, spy- or malware.

- If the app contains crap like tool bars, I will remove it for you.

- Must not be released by others, I don't want to hijack other people's work (see "Check out these sources before requesting").

- I’ll provide you with the details (and/or tools) if you want to maintain it yourself in the future.

- When I built your request, please provide feedback, so the community benefits.

- No custom Update Packs, there are enough of them already.

- I'm testing on/releasing for Windows XP/SP3 32 and/or 64 bit (maybe Windows 7 in the near future). However, if the vendor states it works on platform X/Y/Z, my installers will - most likely - do as well.

Please check these sources before requesting:

WPI, nLite & RVM Addons @ WinCert

Switchless Installers @ WinCert

Addons @ Siginet Software

Switchless Installers & Addons @ MSFN

Addons by rado354

Addons by xable

Custom Installers by Ajua

Reapers Addons

RogueSpear's Forums

The list with requests done, and my own contributions, so far:

7-Zip 9.09 Beta x86 & x64 (INT)

Adobe AIR v1.5.3 (INT)

Adobe Reader Lite 9.2 MUI (NLD)

AIMP2 v2.60.512 RC3 (INT)

Bulk Rename Utility x86 & x64 (ENU)

CleanUp! 4.5.2 (INT)

Copy Handler v1.32 Beta (ENU)

Desktop Restore v1.6.2 x86 & x64 (ENU)

DirectShow Filter Manager 0.5 CPL (ENU)

Everything Search Engine (INT)

Explorer++ v0.9.5.4 x86 & x64 (ENU)

Google Picasa v3.6.0 (ENU)

hkSFV 2.0.1 (ENU)

inSSIDer v1.2.2 (INT)

iTag build 423 (INT)

LameXP v3.14 Final (INT)

LDO Fonts Collection v1.0 (INT)

LockHunter 1.0 Beta 3 x86 & x64 (ENU)

MagicDisc 2.7.106 (INT)

MediaInfo v0.7.24 (INT)

Microsoft Excel Viewer 2007 with SP2 (ENU)

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007 with SP2 (ENU)

Microsoft Visio Viewer 2007 with SP2 (ENU)

Microsoft Word Viewer '2007' (ENU)

mp3DirectCut v2.1.1.0 (INT)

Nero Burning ROM Lite v6.6.1.15 (INT)

NetStumbler 0.4.0 (ENU)

NirSoft Suite 2009-11-26 x86 & x64 (ENU)

Office Genuine Advantage Notifications v2.0.48.0 for Windows XP/SP3 (INT)

Orca v5.0.7069.0000 (ENU)

Paint.NET 3.5.1 x86 & x64 (INT)

PolarClock 3 Screen Saver (INT)

PDFCreator 0.9.8 (INT)

SesamTV Media Center v2.2101 (INT)

Startup Control Panel & Startup Monitor (ENU)

SolarWinds Advanced Subnet Calculator 9.1.0 (ENU)

SolarWinds WMI Monitor 1.0.0 (ENU)

STDU Viewer v1.5.330

Sysinternals Suite 2009-10-27 x86 & x64 (ENU)

The KMPlayer Final (INT)

UltraVNC x86 & x64 (ENU)

WinDirStat v1.1.2 (INT)

Windows Live 2009 Apps (NLD)

(INT) Supports multiple languages or is language neutral.

(ENU) English Unified.

(NLD) Nederlands (Dutch).

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"Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request."

try a couple of refresh the site will open in the end

it happens to me a lot

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New release: NetStumbler 0.4.0 (see OP).

Hi beats. I've been looking for a recent AVG AddOn with no luck. Can you help me out :rolleyes:

Sure, but could you be a bit more specific? AVG installs a LOT of junk by default, like toolbars, personal firewalls, tray icons, safe surf, and such. So which parts you want removed?

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Thanks beats. I even didn't know about some of the junk so it's difficult to say what to remove. Can you get along with this:

Just need the virus protection, however use the tray icon for updating manually, so please leave that one in.

By the way: if you recommend a better free anti-virus program I'm in for that as well.

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OK, I'll make a Lite version, just the scanner that is. Regarding better scanners, most people seem to prefer Avast over AVG, but I'm using McAfee Enterprise products myself (their home stuff s*cks though). So I can't really comment about that. ;)

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Hmm, AVG is a PITA. It updates way too frequently. It's way too large (even when stripping out all optional crap). It's slowing down my systems too much. It doesn't like to be re-packaged (must have some hard coded stuff to its original installer). And, it generates way too many false positives.

No wonder no one does AVG addons anymore. <_<

Edited by beats
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@Kees, Ok, I'll do an INT of Avast.

@dencer, Unfortunally, I don't have MCE 2005; there is no way I can test it. However, someone seems to be working on it, over at Ryan's site.

Edit: Kees, it seems there is no Dutch version of Avira. I've tried all kinds of places, including the Dutch and Belgium Avira sites, but the downloads all redirect to the English version. The only other languages (that seem to be available) are French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Edited by beats
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Hi beats. In the first line you're saying you'll do an INT of Avast. Later on you mention Avira, of which no Dutch version seems available.

Avast does have a Dutch version: Avast Home Edition Nederlandse versie. N.B. Can't get the link right; clicking on cancel shows the available versions.

You're willing to make a Ductch/INT version of Avast?

Edited by Kees030
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