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Windows WinStyle 2009 - Translation project

George King

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@George King ;Open the XP SP3 RU patched files ( ACCESS.CPL, ACCWIZ.EXE, ... ) with "XN Resource Editor" and translate the text or string with Google. :)

Rus : Настройка специальных возможностей для работы с клавиатурой.

Eng : Setting up special opportunities to work with the keyboard.

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I was told that y'all don't have any way to apply the resources to an XP source folder. So I've modified the XPtsp batch file in order to patch the files that I could find in a XP Home Edition source folder, as well as those in the DRIVER.CAB/SPx.CAB files.

Here is the batch file: http://www.4shared.com/file/161090391/a15e197/XPtsp.html

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I´ve see it ;) My friend and me working hard on fixing a lot of icons and adding new dialogues for Tablet PC, Windows Sidebar...

You can see sidebar preview here:


And i also get new RES from 27.12.2009 WinStyle 2009 Update ;)

Lot of icons are in bad quality, we are fixing it and some avis are horrible - newdev.dll.res - AVI 301 - very bad, i´ve added better one. And i want add support to tablet pc, media center and Home Editions. I must find all BMPs with text and replace it with WinStyled BMPs ;)

EDIT: Can you look here? I´m in ass with moding UIFILE...


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I complete the most Spanish translation of the project, will soon release an addon in the section wincert.net spanish, I have modified files, I did not files .res, patch or a package for installation, just i edit the files and I'll update this addon with new versions of files are updated based on the UPL of ricktendo, some problem with this ?

sorry for my english

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