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Windows 7 Toolkit v0.8.0 Final


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Confirmed, fixed, tested, released in, enjoy.

LOL only had to add the word 'End' at the end of the exit code to fix the issue :P

Hmm, with this addon integration issue shall i make it take ownership by default again?

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TNX legolash for replying,

I agree with Kels "8.5 does not close out properly".

I've made some other "Windows 7 Toolkit v0.8.5-10B" tests without success,

1) Remove components. Here bellow you'll find the error message I got for each language (~5 errors by n selected language).

2) I mount an image start configuration then I decided to cancel everything by close W7Tool with "Discard", the Install.wim was corrupted. Moreover, W7Tool process never end after closing (Exit) it.

3) I tested Rebuild (Check), the install.wim was downsized from 3.25GB to 3.15GB

May you please give more infos and issue regarding the W7Tool close buttons "Discard" "Save" "Keep Mounted" "Rebuild"


1) Fixed in v13

2) Added a '?' button which gives more information, not sure what caused it to be corrupt though. Will be in v14.

3) Rebuild is suppose to reduce your image size so that's not really a bug.

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TNX Legolash2o for this update.

I'll give a try :giveheart:

BTW, I wonder if W7Tool include 2 new tab (functions) LanguagePacks and Registry in the All-In-One Integrator. It will be much comfortable for users.

It's just a suggestion for the next update ;)


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You need to use exe2cab.exe to convert le language pack .exe to .cab.

Download: Language Pack EXE to CAB converter 3.1

or here: exe2cab.exe

And after you can use DISM to integrate the language pack to your local source!

The language pack is available for the image install.wim and to integrate inside boot.wim you can use the language pack inside the DVD Windows AIK for Windows 7!

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