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GOD you 2 are really fu(king rude:

"I know you said you were ON HOLIDAY but we demand a next version anyways!"


I agree.


I have received a lot of error logs which is got during my holiday and I will need to fix them first before i start on v1.0.3, i will start on them tomorrow. I have already fixed the issue where the floppy keeps scanning on the main W7T screen.

There seems to be a big issue with an image not un-mounting properly, this will take quite some time to fix as i have to find out what's causing it!

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When there is a new version or bugfix to test, please announce it also in the german Forum win-lite.

I don't have a clue, it will be released when it released, i haven't checked all the logs yet and have not checked all the posts so i don't have a clue what needs fixing yet :P

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