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W7T Option to auto (or not) delete ei.cfg


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Yes W7T does automatically ask whether or not I would like to delete the ei.cfg file in my sources directory. Could this be added as a W7T option not automatically delete the file? (Just to remove the question from being always asked if the file is present.)

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Personally, I do not want to have it removed at all, it is just that I keep getting asked the same question every time I want to do something with the install.wim. I figured if I had an option to tell the W7T to leave the file alone, it would quit asking me.

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v27 will no longer prompt you this, 'Create AIO Disk' has the option to remove it by renaming it to ei.cfg.bak

I'm also just adding code that if a ei.cfg is detected it will make the image it is locked to appear green in the list, this should help users know which image to edit.

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