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I have noticed from the logs that MANY people are running older versions of W7T, i would like to remind everyone that as soon as a new version is released then the ALL of the older versions become instantly unsupported.

So please make sure you're using the latest version of Windows 7 Toolkit. Thank You :)


Also if you are wondering why there has not been many releases recently it is because i have to revise for an exam and do some coursework which are due in the next week or two. :(

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One session of integration with AIO (updates + addons + SFX + etc) may last longer than a SP1 disc download on some computers.

I always do the integration from scratch so why not download SP1?. You just need to download it once.

But who am I to talk about this? Those who use RTM should speek up!

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Though everyone is right that we should all be using the latest version of Windows 7, currently SP1, Legolash2o was NOT talking about versions of Windows 7. Unless I misunderstood, he was talking about versions of Windows7Toolkit! ALWAYS use the latest version of W7T unless there has been an announcement of a problem with a particular version.

Cheers and Regards

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