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.NET 3.5 Offline Install


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I want Enable MS.Net3.5 in windows 8 during install windows, and I use this script for enable Ms.net3.5 but it don't work.

Please Guide Me.

dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /Source:%WINDIR%\Setup\Scripts\sxs /LimitAccess

@echo off


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put the win8 dvd in the drive

then write the line in text and make its name as cmd extention as wwed.cmd

then run it as administrator

Dism /online /Enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /source:G:\Sources\sxs

chnge the drive letter as in your pc here it is G write it in capital letter

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This feature will be in v24 of Win Toolkit, that means .NET Framework will be pre-installed :D

This option seems to don't work in v1.4.0.65 version with Windows 8 RTM but did work with RP....

Moreover : the command Dism /online /Enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /source:G:\Sources\sxs works with RTM on a live system..

Thx for your work

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Are you guys really using that hellish piece of crap? I allways recommend ANY custommer not to get windows 8. Whores/drugs/a bullet to suicide are much better inversions than win8 :S


Now the real question: Is there anything you can do in win8 that you can't in windows 7? Because if not I believe this is going to be like vista: Never made a single fresh install of it.

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