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  1. @Clap20182810, could you please explain to me in what way did I offend you to make you say what you said above so I can correct my mistakes as soon as possible. I apologise for any offence caused. Thanks.
  2. Windows 10 is not bad but most people still choose Windows 7 just like Windows XP a few years ago. I still like Windows XP a lot although it is quite outdated now. I wouldn't download an image made for another model but I don't think there will be any (major) problems with it.
  3. No problems, I am glad that the problem has been fixed.
  4. Are you downloading this: https://officecdn.microsoft.com/db/492350F6-3A01-4F97-B9C0-C7C6DDF67D60/media/nl-NL/AccessRetail.img
  5. Not the problem with the ISO Downloader. Check your internet connection and if still not working, try a download manager like IDM.
  6. If you read every post carefully, you should be able to figure out the answer yourself. When a product is no longer supported, Microsoft will stop distributing it to the public (consumers) and that is why links can no longer be generated. While the product is still being supported, users with a genuine product key can download it online as a part of the software recovery program (remember Windows 7 Office 2007 and Office 2010 were distributed on CD-ROMs as well). The purpose of the ISO Downloader is to buy and collect genuine product keys for people who lost their physical media, who just want to try the software and needless to say, people who wanted to pirate the software. Even when Windows 7, Office 2007 and 2010 are completely unsupported, I still have pretty much all English versions of those so it wouldn't be a problem to ask me and I will be more than happy to provide you a link. People, remember I have DOS, Windows 1.04, 3.1, 95, 98, ME, NT 3.51, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Office 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010 downloads as well. Most of them can be found online but I can upload them if anyone wants them.
  7. You can always ask me for the (English) ISO files you want. At night for you doesn't mean it is at night for other people.
  8. What a meaningful post, I have no idea if you need help or just want to drop the message. Also, the subject is meaningful as well, too meaningful for me to understand. I can only guess that you want to say that the Windows ISO Downloader is a very useful app and I will assume that you need no help. If I misunderstood you, please correct me.
  9. My links? They are earlier versions (maybe without service packs) if I recall correctly. No idea what you are talking about but please read other posts before asking. I am sure forum members have already asked this multiple times and I don't want to explain the differences between "normal" and "2018" versions again. Here are links that might help you:
  10. Of course I am talking about Home and Pro, which most consumers (should) use. I see no benefit with using 1703 and no downside with 1903 but if you want to install 1703, that is your choice and go ahead. It is a downgrade so always good to backup important data.
  11. I think so and theoretically yes but I've never experimented with it. In a few hours time, the ISO Downloader will be able to generate links again for Windows 7 and you can download COEM versions there.
  12. What? I have no idea what you are talking about. If you are using the Microsoft website (and Chrome), go to toggle device toolbar (Ctrl+Shift+M) then refresh the page. You should be able to see a drop-down and you can proceed from there. If you are using the Windows ISO Downloader and it is not working for you, you can go to the Windows 8.1 download page and hack it. I've decompiled the latest version of the ISO Downloader and here is something useful to you: <optgroup label="Windows 10 May 2019 Update - May 2019"> <option value="1214">Windows 10 Home/Pro </option> <option value="1216">Windows 10 Education </option> <option value="1217" class="expert">Media Feature Pack for N versions of Windows 10 </option> <option value="1215" class="expert">Windows 10 Home China </option> </optgroup> Links for the next 24 hours. 32-bit: https://software-download.microsoft.com/sg/Win10_English_x32.iso?t=eb0fa704-d740-44c8-acf9-7318f025ad04&e=1569811638&h=5a5924a5a7206407d22cb830544eccfd 64-bit: https://software-download.microsoft.com/sg/Win10_English_x64.iso?t=eb0fa704-d740-44c8-acf9-7318f025ad04&e=1569811638&h=1cc97db389c5b81981fb0dfca968624a
  13. It looks like you are downgrading Windows. The best way to do it is boot using a Windows PE USB and create a folder called BACKUP (on C drive), move everything from your C drive to that folder and install Windows 10 1703. You can simply install Window 10 1703 and it should move everything to Windows.old but I never tried that before. The real question is why do you want to downgrade to 1703? It is no longer supported. I suggest you just keep using 1903, it is quite good.
  14. Completely unrelated to the Windows 7 block. Try a download manager.
  15. If you can tell me the edition and architecture you need (given that you want English ISOs), I will be able to provide you with a link. Funny that a lot of users simply neglect other threads/topics/posts and I should start charging money for every link given to them.
  16. Everything will work. The ISO files were provided by Microsoft and you will get the file directly from Microsoft. If there are problems with the Microsoft ISO, there aren't much we can do.
  17. Yes I can, check your messages. The link will expire in 24 hours and if you need more time, just tell me.
  18. Through batch files. Make a batch file to launch the app and add that batch file to your program group. You might want an icon somewhere to make it look good.
  19. Microsoft is the one who releases all Windows 7 downloads generated by the ISO Downloader. Hopefully the ISO Downloader will be able to generate Windows 7 links after the first of October.
  20. I highly recommend you to read other topics like: I am happy to provide you with some English ISOs of Windows 7, PM me for more information.
  21. Done, PM sent. The link will expire in 24 hours.
  22. Sorry that I forgot to bring my hard drive home and hopefully I will be able to share a link by tomorrow.
  23. I have to re-upload the ISO and please be patient.
  24. Sorry for double posting... I've sent you a PM and the link will expire in 24 hours.
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