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Windows 10

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    • By BYTE-ME
      2018 Windows 8 Mega Tweaks v 7.1
      I've uploaded more than 200 tweaks in HTML format to make it easier to see helper files and folder and file paths that need editing; just unzip the files and click on tweaks.html file. All the helper scripts are perfectly safe text files that you must change to a suitable file extension to work.
      File: Tweaks_71.7z CRC-32: 930bea38 MD4: be6a78ef7233bb94a458c17600d54ea6 MD5: c5cbbdb7eea82585928682faae7ab314 SHA-1: 9836c8003b235199f0af7cc3a4225f5f6299df0f DOWNLOAD:  Tweaks 7.1
      All registry files are discreet and not combined for easier reading Fixed  some broken hyperlinks Streamlined and updated the Windows Post Install config.js file New 3rd party tweaks for Classic Shell and 7-zip Can reliably disable Microsoft system tasks that don't respond to the old "schtasks /change /disable" command Scripts to remove Windows 8 and & Windows 7 telemetry features, including those in Nvidia's latest video drivers. Expanded and improved section on adding "Shell New" items Adds several new clean install tweaks, including automated "F8" Windows 8 Legacy Boot Install Automate trim command on SSD drives with the correct commands syntax through scheduled tasks Script to automatically write the exact date of a Windows clean install on Windows System Property Page                           
    • By emre gedikli
      here is the program I downloaded it happens, the versions do not show how to solve
    • By Braga
      Save personal,
      Start here by the forum
      I need to pre-install all the major drivers inside the windows installation
      so I can create a copy of it to reinstall it on other machines,
      through a copy of the windows disk installed in HD. Where to plug in some hardware that needs the same,
      windows already install the drive.
      At first I need to:
      => Find the Top Drivers to Download
      => Pre-install the drivers,
      => Pre-installing applications
      I wonder if pre-installing drivers with DPInst works, if so how?
      Would you like to know how to pre-install drivers?
      I watched this video including with reference here pro forum (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKjy1KKdN0Y).
    • By EricJH
      I am trying to download the latest Insider client build 16278 but it fails.

      I first get the error that is described in i cannot download windows 10 oem version please help . I had seen this error before with a previous Insider version but decided not to inquire .
      Signing in to my Microsoft account helped me one step further. However when I continue and choose the desired version the server gives error 404, file or directory not found.I tried to download a couple of other Insider versions and they also failed with the 404 error.