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  1. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you get the computer up and running soon.
  2. crashfly


    Being able to use this download method, combined with locally keeping only the hotfixes, and only downloading whatever hotfixes are missing, seems the most sustainable approach for the long term. Cheers and Regards I have been checking in from time to time to see if Legolash2o has returned. I am glad to see that he has become somewhat active again. As for the above suggestion, I also believe that downloading directly from MS (and keeping the updates locally) would be the best option. If there is any help that is needed to test these, I would like to volunteer.
  3. Multiple LOL! I need to go find more of those.
  4. I am not a genius on the steps you are trying to accomplish, however can you tell when your batch file is running? By that, I mean at what stage of your install. It may be that the standard "shutdown" message occurs because your batch file is an "admin" mode while the rest of the desktop is in a "user" mode. When an admin logs into someones computer remotely to shut it down, that screen usually pops up. So maybe this is an odd mode interaction.
  5. I just don't get what you people are smoking. Just because Legolash2o has a real life and cannot put as much work into this "free" project, then his work gets claimed as dead. I myself would not call his work dead. A bit slowed down (due of course to real life), but not dead. That is unless it is posted that he is done with working on WinToolKit. (But don't count on that last one.) Give the man some time. Hell, donate the man some money. He will update soon enough.
  6. lol Yeah, we all need one of those.
  7. Officially, the WinToolkit program does not "make" the decisions. That is actually up to the program 'dism' of which WinToolkit uses. As for the order, WinToolkit adds all updates first, then does the removals last. Therefore, if anything needed an "update", it is already added before removal.
  8. While Kelsenellenelvian covers it succinctly, I would like to add that it would be considered 'warez' of sorts if you did release a customized version of Windows 7 or 8 on this forum. This forum does not support warez, and everyone must locate their own legal version of Windows.
  9. Not technically. What actually happens is that the program 'DISM', which is used to integrate the updates, is the part that would "filter" out duplicates. By filtering, I mean that DISM will know if that particular update has already been installed and therefore not try to install it again.
  10. Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck Legolash2o. I am sure your situation will get better soon.
  11. It seems to me that the 115 entry fails at it appears you are trying to remove a directory in which all of the files may not be removable due to the previous installs. You might instead use that entry (115) to add another entry (to remove that directory) to be executed at the next reboot. I think that would resolve the issue of the 115 entry failing on you.
  12. Quite a few of those updates are only applicable to specific installed packages in Windows 7. If you do not have certain options installed, you do not need the update. McRip includes as many updates on his server as possible just for completeness. You probably do not need all of those updates as not all apply to your system. While it will not hurt to have those extra updates integrated, the side effect is that your Windows 7 installation media will be a bit larger than normal.
  13. Microsoft is likely discontinuing the service because they are not making money off of it (not enough money anyway). While it was a useful thing to have, they are likely just trying to shove everyone to retail. (That or they are moving torward subscription services for their OS.)
  14. Glad you got it figured out. Of the two you did not remove, one likely had a component something else required to run properly.
  15. That would depend on how you prepared your install disk, and what programs you added and/or removed. Essentially, we need more information to be able to help you diagnose your problem.
  16. Do you have antivirus software running which might be scanning the mouted wim file?
  17. It would be easier if you posted what you removed. Other people could then give their experence with what you removed.
  18. What kind of useless drivel is this? If you find this tool "not enough", please explain how it can be made better. Better yet, are you a SPAM post?
  19. While I do not know about the "RT Seven Lite Beta" program, I would suggest using Legolash2o's WinToolKit for integrating drivers. It does the job quite well. A direct link to the topic is here: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11083-update/
  20. Most of those customization options for the directories can be specified in the "autounattend" file. There should be several places floating around that explains those options. (Best bet would probably be Microsoft's own site for that information.)
  21. Sadly, that brings back pictures of my youth in watching bugs bunny on TV. I do not do that much these days.
  22. It might be a "well known defect", but you should look at the solution that was presented. Just install the full version of .net 4.5 (not just client profile).
  23. This could be a useful "rollup". That is, if other updates do not have to be installed because of it. Note: I think the proper link for it is here: http://www.zdnet.com/a-hidden-patch-tuesday-gem-a-windows-7-hotfix-rollup-7000012555/
  24. You know, it took me a long time to even notice this installer repack. Thanks for this ricktendo. I never really noticed it before now. (Plus I like that it has the 64 bit files too .... nice!)
  25. And the next question is, are you using the x86 version of MS Office or the x64 version?
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