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  1. hehe Thanks a lot N1K! Thats 2 in a row now that I have spent here at WinCert
  2. The 80gb in my torrent PC is about 3 years old, so I don't see your point? O_o lol
  3. Hmmm, my 500gb's run at about 30'c with no tweaking or anything. The one in my torrent pc runs at 29'c and it's been running for a while now.
  4. O_o It worked, but like runningfool said, I'm sure its just dumping it to the page file. However, this would be a good tool on an older system with less than 256mb of ram though. Say, and old laptop or something. I will definitely hold on to this for the future because it is pretty damn cool if you ask me
  5. If your worried about Vista's performance on that PC, you shouldn't be. My Toshiba Satellite A100 runs Vista pretty well, and its only a Celeron processor. So you can imagine I think your ram will score around 5.5 or so, it may be lower, may be higher. The processor I can see being in the 5's, the Video I wouldn't expect too much from, maybe a 4 at tops, the HDD may get around a 5.0 because of the RPM. All in all though, I think thats a damn good laptop for the money mate, good choice Post a screeny when you get it
  6. Don't worry too much mate, my laptop is the same Core speed as yours, except its a Celeron M, same FSB, and stuff, but the cache is only 1mb. I'm very happy with this little laptop. The battery life probably isn't what it could be if I had a Pentium M with speedstep or even the Dual core chips, but meh It doesn't surprise me that it won't work to be honest, I've never really heard that much good luck with upgrading the CPU in a laptop. Ram and HDD are about all I know of that can easily be upgraded (and optical disk drives). Anyway, just look at what you got right now anyway, I'm sure it'll tide you over till you can get a Dual Core laptop Good luck in saving money mate! I know its hard!
  7. Happy birthday mate, hope you had a good day
  8. How many different sites have you checked? Cleaned temp folder? Also, if using Firefox, configure it to maximize connections. goto about:config in the address bar, then search for "network.http" These are the settings I use to test different things. Be careful obviously though, if you have too many connections it'll overload the server. I would recommend just changing the stuff to see if it may help, if not, I recommend putting 'em back.
  9. The most effective way to do this, is to run each update in command line with the /? switch and see which commands are there for Silent and Norestart. For the most part, they are "/silent" and "/norestart" it takes a long time, but it pays off. Then take the commands for each of em and put them into a batch file (or automated installer, I recommend spoons installer: linky) and then you can run the installer on different PC's. I can't really be of more help because it takes a long time to do it and I'm really not in the mood to doing this lol Anyway, good luck mate
  10. Heres mine this month 1680 x 1050
  11. Looks interesting, probably a good way to kill a couple of hours
  12. Thanks for this topic N1k! On the topic of torrent connections, what I have found best for each torrent is around 15 - 20. Private torrents it's better to have a lower number, but for public torrents with many peers/seeds (ie, Ubuntu downloads) it's better to have a bit more connections. Up to 30 at most as you have it configured. Also, limiting your upload speed to 80% of your maximum upload I find works wonders Thanks again
  13. Hey guys, my brother has an XBox 360 that he got for Christmas last year and has been working perfectly up until Christmas day this year. He got the game Assassin's Creed for Christmas this year and when he went to play it, it wanted to install an update (I wasn't personally there to oversee it, so I have no idea as to how it went down) so he updated and now, every time he tries to play the game, it will freeze when it gets in about 40 seconds. Sending it back to Microsoft is out of the question as we have already opened it up to fix a problem with the DVD rom drive earlier. I opened it up again to see if it might be heat releated (although, its very coincidental because we just installed an update and it started doing it immediately). I positioned a fan pointed at the heatsink and it seems to run for a bit longer, bit it will eventually do it again. My question is, is it possible Microsoft released a bogus update, or maybe overclocked the chip for some new games coming out? I'm trying to get to the bottom of this and I'm pulling my hair out at the same time :confused02: Any insight is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys :thumbsup_anim:
  14. Ok guys, I think I may resurrect this thread I just updated the pictures of my system. Added 2 X 500GB hard drives and a 22" Samsung LCD panel Can only see 1 of the 500gb drives because the second one is under the DVD Burner at the top on the other vibration free mounts.
  15. Wow Dirtwarrior, really sorry to hear this mate. I wish all the best for you, I know these times can be tough. My grandfather recently passed, so I know sort of what your going through right now.
  16. Try the Ubuntu or OpenOffice downloads. I find those get me awesome speed. I get about 400 to 600kb/sec on the Ubuntu one.
  17. I just got done setting up my Firefox to look like IE7 because lately I have really liked the look of IE7 and I felt Firefox is definitely lacking in the visuals department. So I thought that it would be a cool idea if others posted their firefox setup for others to see and get some ideas on custimization. So, get posting
  18. I'm surprised I haven't posted in this one yet Anyway, heres mine this month
  19. Have you by any chance repaired your network connection? I've had that fix certain things some times. But, I have a feeling you already have tried this hehe Anyway, good luck Rick, wish you all the best mate
  20. I just got both of my 500Gb Western Digital HDD's setup in my computer. Bothe have been running for about 10 hours now, and are running at 29'c (the one on the bottom of the case) and 34'c (this one is mounted under the DVD burner on special rubber grommet things to reduce vibration (both are done up like this)). I think that those are fairly respectable temperatures to be honest.
  21. Very good movie me thinks. Liked the whole thing, the only quirk I had with it is you don't see too much of the zombie people dealies. Other than that, a very good movie. Hoping they may have a sequel. As long as it's done right, I think the sequel could be done very well.
  22. I was thinking of doing that, but Wireless N was about $400 versus $136
  23. Just upgraded my wireless network. Went from a fairly old Wireless B router to a brand new Wireless G router. Router is a D-Link WBR-1310. Here's what I get now: I love Wireless G hehe
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