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  1. As long as the battery is charging, and is taking a charge, I'd have to say it's fine.
  2. cygnus

    Missing "R"

    ahahah almost as goof as the original joke :prop:
  3. My boredom folks 1 4r3 t3h 1337 h4x0r :shifty:
  4. I wish my bird would play around like these two! My bird just sits in her cage and hisses at people lol
  5. I found a good website for those who like to play PC games but don't really have the technological know how when it comes to finding out about these sort of things (ie, my brother ) Sometimes I get family members and friends coming to me asking if a game will run on their PC, so this site is quite the useful tool for a person like me. http://www.srtest.com Enjoy
  6. I think we need the finalists for last month put up Oh, and a new thread for November hehe
  7. I usually have this problem with the Last.FM program. It often locks up on startup and I get that annoying error message. Sometimes it just works, other times I get the error. What I have found, is it eventually goes away the more you use the OS. I know this seems weird, but I also find Vista gets faster with age too
  8. Try just pressing Enter at that prompt. Sometimes it will ask you for a password even though there wasn't one. Pressing enter allows it to go sometimes.
  9. lol Happy belated birthday! It always takes a while for the new age to sink in hehe
  10. Heard this one a coupla times, but it's always funny hehe Thanks for the post mate, made my evenin'
  11. Here's the actual speed I get on a daily bases (including router bandwidth loss) after tweaking my router and such:
  12. cygnus

    Meet me

    Welcome to the site mate! Enjoy your stay here
  13. I liked the skin, at first. Then it started to become bothersome so now I'm using the IPB Pro Basic skin. I find it easier on the eyes and it loads a hell of a lot faster on my end. I like simple, so I'll stick with it, it looks nice on Vista
  14. It's for Windows XP only. I haven't tested this under Windows Vista.
  15. It's been a while since I have played around with any Linux distro. Your best bet is to search on google. I honestly can't remember what file to edit hehe Although, I think there is an edit right in the GRUB boot loader.
  16. It might be because you have an AGP card and a single core processor. I'll let you know how it runs on my desktop pc when I get a chance to install it. I have a dual core chip and a PCIe card.
  17. Getting about 120kb/sec here Edit: Found a better server. Getting 220kb/sec now http://files.filefront.com/Unreal+Tourname...;/fileinfo.html
  18. Remove the information in GRUB. Then delete the partition.
  19. cygnus

    Winamp 5.5

    It's probably a good idea, Windows 9x is getting dated. Plus, chances are, if your computer is running Windows 9x, it's not fast enough to run the new skin and what not anyway. Windows 9x users, use version 2.666. Best version IMO. Get it from http://www.oldversion.com
  20. cygnus

    Winamp 5.5

    I'm a dedicated WinAMP fan hehe Can't change my mind, as I love WinAMP. Been using it since version 2.09 from back in like '98.
  21. cygnus

    Winamp 5.5

    I love it. It's so much better than Windows Media Player. I still use iTunes a lot though, but mainly for organizing my music. WinAMP is by far the best music/video player to date.
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