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  1. It's very good :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: Great job.I love it :icon_cool: The colour is excellent Thank you
  2. Unfortunately not but thanks to try The windows flag is too nasty
  3. I think blue colour is good
  4. I need a new bootscreen if you do it. :type: Thank you
  5. The logonui problem is solved since. And there is another:ntoskrnl.exe to make a bootscreen.res Is it possible to make a bootscreen to look like this :questionmark: I think this would be very nice for my Xptsp Neon Blue.
  6. I think Windows 7 coming soon that's why should be change vista to seven. For exmaple : the shellstyle,explorer.exe Looks cool all Xptsp version with seven style Change these to this
  7. About the logonui:I'm getting error again And the version info I read this:1 VERSIONINFO FILEVERSION 6,0,2900,2180 PRODUCTVERSION 6,0,2900,2180 FILEOS 0x40004 FILETYPE 0x2 { BLOCK "StringFileInfo" { BLOCK "040904B0" { VALUE "CompanyName", "Microsoft Corporation" VALUE "FileDescription", "Windows Logon UI" VALUE "FileVersion", "6.00.2900.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)" VALUE "InternalName", "LOGONUI" VALUE "LegalCopyright", "
  8. It's fantastic Good job I will put your avi's the neon blue Xptsp :thumbsup_anim:
  9. Hi all here is my net connection speed from Hungary. I use Digi cable net. And the price is :8.73602 EUR or 12.1370 USD
  10. And there is a problem with network connection ,windows update icon in control panel I'm change all icons this package.The windows update icon is too pixels so nasty.And the network connection icon is the same as before. IS it normal :questionmark:
  11. OK thank you bober :thumbsup_anim: :icon_cool: I'm try it out.
  12. And there is another thing:is it important the bitmap size :questionmark: because different the two bitmap each other
  13. Ok so copy from the green pack and then replace the new bitmaps from the bluebarry ridge :questionmark: I try right now
  14. Yes I saved with reshacker and the logoui.exe is untouched :g: BY the way I'm almost done the bitmaps but I didn't find printer and fax png yet.
  15. I'm tested the new theme yesterday. And the new logonui.exe give an error. The bluebarry ridge logonui.exe: So this is the error:parse error 'tyle' at line 1 I dont know why :g: :questionmark:
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