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  1. I know PE Explorer is able is Unapack UPX but how to save unpack product?
  2. Nlite modificar el CD de Instalacion XP only. Vlite modificar el CD de Instalacion del Windows 7 to some extent. Not officially supported . The list for windows 7 removal through vlite are Accessibility Mobility Center Snipping Tool Speech Support Welcome Center Windows Sidebar and Gadgets ;# Drivers # Diva Server Modems Printers-Generic printer QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter Scanners Storage controllers-Adaptec Storage controllers-Elxstor Storage controllers-IBM ServeRAID Storage controllers-ICP vortex Storage controllers-Intel (Matrix) Storage controllers-nVidia Storage controllers-SiS Storage controllers-Via TV Tuners-ADS Technologies TV Tuners-ASUSTeK Computer Inc. TV Tuners-AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. TV Tuners-Compro Technology Inc. TV Tuners-Creatix TV Tuners-Hauppauge TV Tuners-KNC ONE GmbH TV Tuners-KWorld TV Tuners-Lumanate, Inc. TV Tuners-Philips Semiconductors TV Tuners-Pinnacle Systems TV Tuners-TerraTec Electronic GmbH TV Tuners-VidzMedia Pte Ltd. ;# Hardware Support # Fax Support Floppy Disk Support Smartcards Windows Portable Devices XBOX 360 Controller ;# Languages # Arabic Brazillian Bulgarian Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Simplified Chinese Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Table Driven Text Input Processor Thai Traditional Chinese Turkish Ukrainian ;# Multimedia # Intel Indeo Media Center Music and Video samples SideShow ;# Network # Connect to a Network Projector Distributed File System (DFS) Internet Information Services (IIS) Remote Desktop and Assistance Remote Desktop Client RIP Listener Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Simple TCPIP services Telnet Client Telnet Server TFTP Client Windows Collaboration ;# Services # Offline Files Protected Storage Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Remote Registry WebDAV (WebClient) Windows Search Windows Time ;# System # Beep Help Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Natural Language Software Quality Management (SQM) Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) Sync Center System Restore Tablet PC Windows Defender Windows Easy Transfer
  3. Thanks Kels but it don,t seem to work for me. No problem if u give me the name of any retail version of C# Decompiler & UPX Unpacker below 100$.
  4. I m in urgent need of good UPX Unpacker with procedure that how to unpack pack file if it is no gui version and a good C# Decompiler. Thanks in Advance.
  5. Go to windows system32 oobe. Modify them as u like. Then compress and replace them in i386 directory.
  6. How many times your computer beeps? Just try to remove BIOS battery and put back on after 3 minutes.
  7. Thanks Palmtree for info. But after a lot of addon and updates it size goes over 700 mb but i want to maintain it under 700 mb to fit on a standard CD Rom.
  8. Hi AMIRZ Here is a mediafire link for U. DOWNLOAD
  9. Is there a way to remove wmv files from mediactr cab. This makes addon noticably small. If yes what entries need to modified. Yes i too serious. Actually i have Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005 SP-2(Media Centre 3.0). When i integrate SP-3 it shows Media Centre Version 2.8. But this addon have media centre Version 4.0. Thats Why i Need this informaton.
  10. Thanks A lot. But where is the download link.
  11. Thanks kels for the creation of wonderful piece of software. Hats off to you.
  12. Where is the link of wordpad 2009 lol. upper download link not working.
  13. OnePiece_Windows_XP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_v2.3.1_ENU I got problem when i use ur addon with onepiece update pack. Working on XP Pro SP-3 OEM.
  14. Disaster Happen Not working after integraing Onepiece latest update pack. Tested 100 times not working. One more question is there a way so that it work with my WIndows Xp MCE 2005 SP3. Is there a way to run this through runonce cmd.
  15. Thanks N1k. I signed up too. Find some screensots of alpha preview. Looks Promising.
  16. Any download link for Beta3 or new . all links r dead.
  17. msinet.ocx ? from which program i get this file. I m on Windows 7.
  18. Is it posted or not. Can u make an addon for W7T too.
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