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  1. AFAIK, Meltdown fix is not slowing down the CPU, that's Spectre fix(es). I'm using WinToolkit to integrate the updates and tweaks.
  2. Version 18.12.31 Don't Sleep 4.95 DNSDataView 1.56 ScreenToGif 2.15.1 HWiNFO 6.00 LiveTcpUdpWatch 1.11 AppNetworkCounter 1.10
  3. Why ? You can use a "vanilla" Windows image and download all the ASUS crap you want on ASUS support. Drivers can be found on manufacturers webpage, or you can also use https://www.driverscloud.com/
  4. https://www.howtogeek.com/96630/how-to-reset-your-forgotten-windows-password-the-easy-way/ Or use Hiren’s BootCD https://www.hirensbootcd.org/download/
  5. Z370 is just Z270 renamed (and it's almost the same as Z170), so a MB with this chipset should work with Windows 7 (but you must integrate some drivers, especially USB3, to be able to install it). see this thread: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/drivers-to-install-win-7-on-a-win-10-native-computer.78573/ And this one: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/win-7-z390-chipset-an-old-guys-fears.78549/#post-1490012 You should also take a look at Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC, it come without Cortana, the store, Edge, and have a lot less of the telemetry crap.
  6. After some searches, it seems that's Thiersee is right.
  7. Why not using WinToolkit and the update list ? For ei.cfg removal of the ISO, there is one free tool: http://code.kliu.org/misc/winisoutils/
  8. Yes, but your might have to add a discrete graphic card as I'm not sure the integrated card of the core 8000 series have a Win7 driver. Also, you must integrate some drivers (USB3) in the WinPE image to be able to install Win7. It can be done with WinToolkit.
  9. Version 18.12.16 GPU-Z 2.16.0 Process Explorer 16.22 Autoruns 13.93 Don't Sleep 4.94 IPNetInfo 1.80
  10. Le fichier de signets dont j'avais parlé est maintenant intégré à l'installation
  11. Version 18.12.06 HWMonitor 1.38 Rufus 3.4 LiveTcpUdpWatch 1.10 Don't Sleep 4.91 RegFromApp 32 bits est désormais aussi installé sur les systèmes 64 bits (nécessaire pour surveiller les programmes 32 bits).
  12. Ajout de la version 3.2.11063 pre-release.
  13. Version 3.7.1 is out, corrected a typo.
  14. Salut rhahgleuhargh, Merci, cette erreur m'avait échappée car le fichier était présent dans le dossier ccsetup dans mes tests. Version 3.7.1 dispo.
  15. Version 3.7: Ajout de deux clés de registre pour désactiver les màj auto Ajout de movefile.exe de Sysinternals pour supprimer CCupdate.exe au prochain démarrage (ne peut pas être supprimé depuis le dossier temporaire du sfx). Je recommande de bloquer CCleaner(64).exe dans votre pare-feu.
  16. Version 3.7 is out: Added two new registry keys for disabling autoupdate. Added movefile.exe from Sysinternals to delete CCupdate.exe at next reboot (can't be deleted from the sfx temp folder). I recommended to block CCleaner(64).exe in your firewall.
  17. Version 18.11.26 UninstallView 1.24 CrystalDiskInfo 8.0.0 HWiNFO 5.92
  18. Non je ne pense pas, c'est un tweak que j'utilise depuis des années, et le bug n'es apparu que récemment.
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