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  1. If no "txt file" is found (could be .ini or .lng btw), it would be in English by default, like now. It's just an idea to make the app better.
  2. I had also a DMCA blabla about a CPU driverpack which supposedly violed the copyright of some asian VPC pornsite (wtf!). Have mailed mediafire, never answered. It's only one way with them.... Good luck with them anyway !
  3. Correction des versions sans extensions qui n'étaient pas silencieuses
  4. Is it possible to change the order of execution of the silent installers without doing a rebuild ?
  5. No, go ahead. edit: hum, maybe my response was misunderstood, (not always easy to be understood in english) I meant, no problem, you can post it !
  6. Hi RicaNeaga, I'm not really a silent installer specialist, it's just a hobby, but i will try to answer you: Beside SFX Maker that you already know, you will maybe like to try 7-Zip SFX Maker. i do know RegFromApp, in fact i have used it before discovering RegShot, it is also in my utilities AddOn that i share here: [AddOn] Utilitaires. I'm curious of the reasons you think it is better than RegShot, in my opinion RehShot is more powerful, as it can see the whole registry, not only one app, and it also can export in inf format, something that RegFromApp can't do. However I don't know Reg2exe, thanks to mentioning it, have to try it some day ! I rarely use SFX (or AddOn) makers, i have tested a few and they generate sub optimal config files in my opinion so I prefer to populate the config file myself, it's a good practice ! About registry entries, there is many ways to add them with a sfx: The most simple way i'm aware: regedit /s RegFile.reg Can be run directly from the sfx, or by a batch/cmd file called by the sfx There is also the possibility to add the registry entries directly from the cmd, or even directly from the sfx config file because RunProgram="hidcon:cmd /c Will run a hidden CMD shell, and as you can see in my config file, you can directly enter some command lines in the config file (But with some subtle differences in the syntax, so it may be more simple to do all the command in a .bat/cmd file run by the sfx) RunProgram="hidcon:cmd /c del /f /q \"%PUBLIC%\\Desktop\\Virtual CloneDrive.lnk\"" is equivalent to del /f /q "%PUBLIC%\Desktop\Virtual CloneDrive.lnk" in a batch file. (you can see the syntax is slightly different ) I think your config file parameters is wrong, if your installer (VLC in this case) is in the sfx archive, you can run it this way: RunProgram="vlc-2.0.4-win32.exe /L=1033 /S" No need to add variables, the sfx will run it from a temporary folder and it will be deleted after execution so no need for deletion command neither in this case. 7 ZIP SFX is very powerfull especially if you use the modified module. (syntax is explained and some examples on this site) I also often open the sfx made by others (with 7zip split) and i try to understand what each command will do, it's the best way to learn.
  7. Nouvelles versions - Les sfx sont dorénavant compressés avec la méthode LZMA2 pour gagner le maximum en compression (commande: 7za a -m0=LZMA2 -mx=9 )
  8. .net 3.5 is shipped with win7 (windows 6.1) so .net 3.5 updates are considered as Windows Updates.
  9. @ElmerBeFuddled : you have to create the $OEM$ folder in the root of your install source. But If you use WinToolkit just adding the KB in the silent installs /SFX tab of WinToolkit will be simpler. not in the last versions, have to do it manually.
  10. http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/17.0.1/releasenotes/ + ajout d'une version avec extensions incluses.
  11. Salut seiferflo Pour les runtimes: - Utiliser 7z SFX Archive splitter pour "décomposer" le sfx (cocher les 3 cases) - Supprimer vcredist_x86.exe de l’archive 7zip et la recréer ensuite (LZMA/LZMA2 compression ultra, taille des mots 128) - récréer le sfx avec cette commande: copy /b module_sfx.sfx + fichier_de_config.txt + archive.7z installateur.exe apntoolbarinstaller n'est pas supprimable. Pour Avira 2013, pas vu de différences majeures si ce n'est la prise en charge de Windows 8. Sur mon PC je suis encore sur la version 2012 et ça fonctionne bien.
  12. I have tested a capture with Regshot before and after enabling MS Update: As i was afraid, it's not just some registry keys. I don't use silverlight so i'm still looking for an other way. edit: I have attached the capture if someone want to look at it. Hive.rar
  13. next time i install Windows 7 i will do a capture with regshot, but i don't know if it will be enough.
  14. It's certainly possible if we know what is done when you activate MS Update. An addon would be great.
  15. Maj: ajout de la version 2013 d'avira ainsi que d'un nouvel asim.
  16. Also, a txt file to translate the text into any language would be great. I don't mind about the main program as i understand english, but this piece of text can be read by other users that don't read english.
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