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  1. hummm, I'm afraid to state that after I did try it I think I will keep using XP for the time being
  2. I really love the funny corner here HEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHE... :)
  3. It is not just because it is my country... BUT you will enjoy it as you can never imagine, especially when you plan for every thing, and if I count places to visit, one year is not enough...YES 365 is not enough, beside it is not expensive because 1 us$ = 5.75 L.E.
  4. You are welcome :welcome: , and if you want to arrange for your trip details, we can have some chit chat on any messenger or skype. and don't worry it is free of charge Actually I used to travel inside Egypt and did met many friends came from many different places all over the world. I used to go to SINAI, Hurghada , etc... Actually I do like to know new people from different places, also talking to foreigners did improved my English very well. Also here in Egypt even if you do not know some one before you come you will find th people very friendly and have the well to help tourists a lot Thanks Mohamed
  5. It seems that you like this tool, why so? I may switch to it
  6. I've tried Panda once and regret it, it was on 2005. What could be different in 2007? The machine was dying and can not breath at all My PC is: P4 ... 2.8 1 MB Cash...Pass 800 MoatherBoard GigaByte 860 PE ... Pass 800 512 MB Ram ... Pass400 HD 160 GB SATA ATI Radeon9200 OS ... XPSP2
  7. You are welcome mate :welcome: and when you are about to come just let me know and I will be at your help in any thing you may need Also I can send you my phones in case you need any thing You will love Egypt much.
  8. it does not mean a hard copy only e-book also
  9. You mean one topic contains every thing instead of seperate posts?
  10. Thanks a lot mate for your help and spirit, I will take your note into consideration next time. But all in all I'm trying to share every thing I know. Thanks
  11. If you know about it, there are many other do not know about, and some posted reply stated that if you can read, beside there are moderators who can manage this issue, if I was spamming sure I will recieve any PM from any moderators around. Also you can report me if you think so But...I will ask you next time mate :help: Thanks :welcome:
  12. Do you like to rip (copy) music from CDs but you're worried about using up hard disk space on your computer? In Windows Media Player, you can pick from several audio formats and a range of file sizes to find the combination of quality and file size that works for you. If you aren't sure which format to pick, listen to how the formats sound at the Audio Quality Web page. Or, try ripping some songs with different formats and sizes until you find the combination that works best for you. To set the level of recording quality In Windows Media Player, click the Access applications menu button, point to Tools, and then click Options. Click the Rip Music tab, shown in the following screen shot. 3. Under Rip settings, select one of the following formats: Windows Media Audio. This choice provides great audio quality with the added benefit of a smaller file size. Windows Media Audio (variable bit rate): This choice provides overall higher quality than Windows Media Audio format, but the size will vary according to the complexity of the audio. Windows Media Audio Lossless. Select this option if you want the audio quality to be as close as possible to the original. Size savings will be the least of the three formats, and will vary according to the complexity of the audio. MP3 format. New in Windows Media Player 10, MP3 provides more flexibility when choosing a format. 4. Adjust the Audio quality slider to the left to use the least amount of your hard disk, and move the control to the right to obtain the best-quality audio.
  13. Ripping is nothing but the process of storing the CD Audio tracks to the hard drive, in another format (WAV / WMA / MP3 etc). Windows Media Player provides the ability to Rip Audio CD tracks to WMA or MP3 format, without the need to download third-party ripping tools. To rip Audio CD track(s) using Windows Media Player 10, follow these steps * Insert the Audio CD into the drive. If using Windows XP, the AutoPlay dialog appears (Fig 1). * Choose Rip from CD - Using Media Player entry from the list and click OK * By default, WMP10 rips audio tracks to WMA file format. To change the rip settings, click Change my current format settings option in the resulting dialog. (Fig 2) Alternately, you can access the rip settings via Tools menu, Options, Rip Music tab. * Configure the Rip settings such as the file format (mp3 or wma), output file location and file name conventions and adjust the audio quality slider per your requirements. (Fig 3) * Click OK, and ripping will start for all the tracks. While ripping process is going on, you may simply de-select the tracks that you don't want to rip. AutoPlay dialog does not appear when you insert a CD? If the AutoPlay dialog does not appear when you insert a CD, then open Windows Media Player and switch to the Rip tab. Select the tracks that you want to copy and then click the Rip Music button at the top. (Fig 4) Fig1 Fig2 Fig3 Fig4
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