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  1. Hey Rick calm down. Why you saying WTF ??? Fixed the problem with the rundll32.exe :icon_rolleyes:
  2. Wow Uninstaller in new Alky sounds great so we don't need to manually uninstall :thumb_yello:
  3. For some reason after using this gmail installer my rundll32.exe seems to be mest up now :crying_anim02:
  4. Aaaaaaah I see N1K you are using WB skin Novum OS 1.6 :icon_rolleyes:
  5. Well I downloaded the last one dated from August 07 (size 332 MB) a couple days ago :icon_rolleyes:
  6. Thanks cro-man this is just the right thing to come :thumbsup_anim:
  7. :icon_question: Thanks Rick and yup it shows no Icon in ViStart. Any chance to fix this :icon_question: Rick if I start Gmail from ViStart I get following error message :crying_anim02:
  8. :icon_redface: I guess I should not posed anything if I'm tired and I searched all the posted words but not below :oops:
  9. :yahoo: yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah I thought so and congrats to you and your wife :dancing:
  10. Thanks Rick and I don't mind updating manually either :icon_rolleyes:
  11. Great work again Rick...Thanks so much :thumb_yello:
  12. I don't play Soduko so I don't worry to look this up :icon_rolleyes:
  13. man without clothes :icon_rolleyes:
  14. I can wait. I downloaded once Gran Paradiso and installed it but I wasn't satisfied since most of the addons are not working in GP :icon_rolleyes:
  15. LMAO....Windows 1.0 really rocks :thumbsup_anim:
  16. :oops: does that mean I can't play with you anymore BIND
  17. Do I hear something here N1K :icon_rolleyes:
  18. I've been there but to be honest I liked Krk better :icon_rolleyes: Thanks Rick this are great wallpaper images :thumb_yello:
  19. Do you have everything installed like dotnetfx3, IE7, MICROSOFT VISUAL C++ 2005, WMP11 & Wireless LAN API (KB918997) ? If you install this first, reboot , install Alky for XP, reboot, install Windows Sidebar Installer and everything should run just fine. It did by me and I never got any problem after I had an clean install 2 weeks ago :thumb_yello:
  20. Hi thesquirrel :welcome6ld: on board
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