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  1. Yep, but Rafael and ZoRoNaX creators of VAIO (what makes the sidebar on XP/2k3 possible) have merged with Alky (Dx10 for XP) and now its gonna be called Alky not VAIO

    Sometime at the end of this month they will be releasing Alky 1.0 so wait for it... And yes I can confirm the slideshow bug HAS! finally been fixed by Rafael.

    Rick do you post it here if they release Alky 1.0 so we don't need to search somewhere ? :tumbleweed:

  2. Vista SP1 beta 1 to launch in mid-July by ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley -- It's official: We are now in the under-promise and over-deliver era at Microsoft. Beta 1 of Vista Service Pack 1 is coming -- with shut-down, CPU performance and other fixes -- earlier than expected. And the final Vista SP1 is looking like November 2007.

    Here is the Source

  3. Windows Seven - The Future of Windows:

    Windows Seven is scheduled to be released in late 2009, although given Vista's untimely release, that date may easily be extended to early 2010.

    It will be a minor release: According to Microsoft, every other release of Windows will be a major update, therefore, since Windows Vista was a major release, Windows 7 is set to be minor update. However there is still some chance that Windows 7 will be a major release. Firstly it bears a whole new version number, secondly since Windows Vista was largely a disappointing release, Microsoft might be compelled to make the next version much more interesting.

    There will be both 32-bit and 64-bit versions: Although the official word so far is that Windows 7 will be 64 bit, it should be noted that when Windows XP was released, Windows Longhorn was planned to be a 64-bit version only. Since most of the PCs in existence today are 32-bit, with so signs of a radical shift to 64-bit anytime soon, Windows 7 should be released in both 32-bit versions.

    There will be a new UI component: When Microsoft first drew up plans for Windows 7 (back when it was codenamed Blackcomb), there were rumors that the current UI will be replaced with an entirely new one, with some reference to a sort of radial-dial. Where are no chances for a complete overhaul of the current interface, MIcrosoft has been working on several new UI ideas, some of which may slip into Windows 7. Indeed, this might be a way to transition us from the current UI to the new one in future WIndows releases.

    Here is the Source

    Here is another Source

  4. It does not work anymore N1K and they say it at JCXP too :( :icon_question:

    Update: This method has now been disabled and no longer works. Hope those who were interested got one in time!

    I wish I could get one but I didn't had time yesterday to busy @ work :huh:

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