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  1. Bad News mooms, your Script is no longer working. There `s only a Standart and Portable Version only, no more Slim Versions. Please, Update your Script. Thank you, for sharing your hard work. Jo
  2. ohoh Lego, i did some tests with win7,8. Win7 - no foreign language available (i looked in the install.wim the foreign language folder was empty)win7,8 - The ImageTool - bios-uefi option, uefi will not work (can`t boot in uefi mode)When i make my own batch, with oscdimg, all went fine. When you need anything else,ask. By the other side, you make a great job. :prop: Thanks Lego regards
  3. Lego, i want to integrate a foreign language in Windows 8 but the Repair Option is still in the native language. Have you something forgotten ? regards jo
  4. @dotfusion What about partion by hand ? Like diskpart, it is very handy and you have all choices, but it is commandline. best regards jo
  5. Hi at all, You need Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise not Professional as an Image. cya jo
  6. Thats not right, look at this Project its calling "WSUS Offline Update" and it is only for critical Updates. cya jo
  7. Hi Liam, i am missing a Feature in the WIM Manager to maintain WinPE Discs, like add, delete and show me the Drivers as Table or List. Have a look here for Reference. regards jo
  8. Won`t work for me. (.NET) Crash at start My System -Win7x64 -.Net 4 (reinstalled)
  9. Happy new year and, what about UEFI Boot ? by the ISO creation. The created isoimage fails for uefiboot on my new System (Windows 7 x64 Ultimate). I did some investigations and i found some help. Try this to find out. (Use multi-boot entries to create a bootable image) @Legolash2o can you integrate this feature in the ISO making option? cya jojo2010
  10. @Alpha_95, disable UAC (User Account Control), or set permissions...
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