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  1. So the stick with Enterprise work on this laptop too?

    Have you tried to install from the USB/eSATA combo port and still no joy?

    Try this trick:

    When you get to the error remove the stick than click next. It will tell you something like ''Windows cannot be installed in this drive''

    Plug the stick to the same port and click Refresh.

    Select again the partition where you want to install and procede.

    This time it should work.

  2. Sorry, I still don't understand fully what you describe?

    It's a wild guess from me that you are installing from an USB 3.0 port but the drivers are not integrated in the install source.

    According to the specifications of Dell Latitude E6230 there is one USB 2.0 present in the USB/eSATA combo port. Try that port to see if you can install from it.

    If you still have problems, please give more details about that error you mentioned.

  3. Can you describe a little more detailed what the real problem is?

    Does it boot and start the istallation and stops at the partition selection where to instal? Does it show any drive in that window?

    What error you talk about? Can you take a screenshot or photo something?

    What system type is currently installed on your machine and what type you want to create and install (x86 x64)?

    Please give us more info so we can help you. What laptop you have (make and model)?

  4. What you need to do is start from scratch without the presets and carefully add only the updates and don't remove nothing from the components.

    Test the result in a VM and if it is successful go further with your customization. Make sure to make a backup copy of the updated image if it works OK before procede to next level.

    Load back the updated image and add your silent installs, add-ons and all you need to finish the image and test again in the VM.

    Finally if all is well you can make all the tweeks you need in another step. Test again in VM.

    Basically you need to make all this in small steps to see what brakes the install for you.

    I do all of this in one step and don't have any problems. What I observed over the time that brakes the install is the incompatible drivers that are integrated so I avoid to add driverpacks as a bunch.

    Hope this helps to pinpoint the problem.

    Also make sure you are using the latest build of Wintoolkit and no other programs involved.

  5. For me the link works but it's only the Lang folder with the en-us.xaml in the archive.

    The link in the signature is the new location at his new site and is not the same with the usual testing location at wincert.

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