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  1. 1. On the Main tab a verical scroll band could be usefull. I can't fiind (again) the attach button. Here is the new Romanian lang - http://www.datafilehost.com/d/7777238d
  2. Here's the new Romanian, the csv version Opened and edited in Notepad so I didn't change the encoding. I replaced the charactes with problem. That was Șș Țț that don't looked correct. Hope this will look right. WinToolkitv2.resources.dll_ro-RO.zip
  3. It looks a little better but it's not fully correct. Still two charactes looks weird. I can't get the new file... I'll try a little later.
  4. Oh, the diacritics don't show correctly. I use a US keyboard and I think the keyboard was set to Romanian (traditional). Should I set it to Romanian (standard)? Also there is a Romanian (programmers). Which one I should use?
  5. Here is Romanian resource.txt Opened and edited in Notepad. I think here you messed up a little. I corrected in the translation. WinToolkitv2.resources.dll_ro-RO.txt
  6. I get this with v2.0.0.6. I think it's related to the language resource. Maybe a fallback to en-US should be implemented. Temp files are here if you need them - http://www.datafilehost.com/d/3689f2f7
  7. The current version is 1.4.43 and the new beta is v1.4.44.1. Already answered in the other thread about the installer.
  8. Just "Decline" it and the setup process should continue without installing Search Protect. Or download the 7z archived version and extract WinToolkit.exe in a folder of your choice.
  9. Keep us updated with your results and maybe share your experience.
  10. Google for "Windows Tiny7 Rev01" there is a Facebook page that lists the process to obtain it. Probably you'll not get the exactly same size but that will give you some hints.
  11. Looks pretty. Maybe a little more space between the items in the top bar will add some air to it. Or maybe a frame for each item to look more like buttons. Just a thought.
  12. Seems that they added the most common USB3 drivers to Chipset pack. Look on their forum for more info. It may be that some more drivers can be found on this DVD http://drp.su/download.htm
  13. Yes there is a way. Don't integrate them into the image. Only integrate chipset, mass storage and maybe USB3 if you need it. All the rest of drivers should be placed in a folder called "Drivers" in the root of the install media. The installer will scan the folder and only the needed drivers will be installed.
  14. @Sorin I sent you a PM with a link @Lego I can provide some of the missing if you need.
  15. I kept all of them that I can get my hands on. I'll put a link in your PM.
  16. In All-In-One Integrator > Options there is "Delete Silent Installers" Just check first what update KB's are already automatically moved there and add them back.
  17. I wonder if this could be implemented similar to "Drivers" folder. The RunOnce scan for "WinToolkit_Apps" folder and offer what finds in it to the user to select for install.
  18. This is still a problem for me. There are too many files in the folders compared to what's shown on Downloaded tab. That holds true for all lists. Here's how it looks the Office updates The Check All thing seems to be fixed.
  19. My interpretation of the order "during the installation" seems not to be the right one, that's why I started with "I'm not sure..." Maybe someone with more knowledge of the install order will enlighten us.
  20. @ crashfly Thanks for heads up. @ ThuGie I'm not sure about this but as the copy will happen before the actual install I think the install will interpret the target to any language.
  21. You have two options for your goal. 1. Set up in WinToolkit the RunOnce installer for the silent programs you want to "Install Automatically". For the programs you want the user interaction just untick "Install Automatically" box. 2. Set up the OEM folder to \$OEM$\C\Users\Public\Desktop\Optional_Programs_to_install. Maybe put a text file with description what the end user should do with this folder and call this file from SetupComplete.cmd
  22. ianymaty


    Good Luck on your exams! PS. :doh: Ha ha, actually first time I typed "Goof Luck..."
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