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  1. Wow, SORRY for the late post man, but Happy B-day ! Best Wishes From Here !
  2. Win. Ehm WINDOWS.net ! lol WinYo.net
  3. Isn't it made in your ALL IN ONE CPL thing kels ? OH sorry I thought it said CPU-Z But it was GPU.. nvm
  4. Hey delta, i have the same problem, it might be a side-effect of this
  5. Okay, thanks cro-man, sounds good Now I also understand fully what it does
  6. Omg, nice, LOL Good one DW! :thumb: :lol2:
  7. Only , ehm, I am on page 301, still nothing....
  8. Hey Cro-Man, would you recommend this ? or anyone else?, have anybody tried it ?
  9. Universal unbricker released for slim and fat.. latest CFW 3.71m33-2
  10. Welcome Welcome, and WELCOME!
  11. Lol, guys, what is "unattended" ?!
  12. LMAO N1K, but the game looks awesome !
  13. Ohh my DOG ! , this is awesome, thanks GORKI !
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