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  1. N1K, i don't think somebody uses NT anymore
  2. Mee tooo ! :lol: But oh my god, he's good !
  3. LOL ROFL !!! but its sad for the cat, isn't it ?
  4. :clap: :thumbsup: Nice Collection ! I might try the wall thing :sigh: :lol:
  5. WOW ! I was just browsing profiles, when i saw this, .... COOOL ! FF GOD ! ;D
  6. Good Tut, but could you upload the Images another place ? Because i don't have a JOE JOE user
  7. Oh My God ! I just realized NOW that I can change the skin ! :lol:
  8. Thanks for the info cro-man BTW; After installing FF 07, my "app.update.channel" stills says RELEASE in "About:config" ... I've read someplace on mozilla that it should say "beta"....
  9. Wow !, That's pretty coool... So Which one do you want ? Core, Dual-core, Triple-Core or Quad-core ? :iwasbornleet:
  10. Thanks N1K ;D I've always wondered about why my 4 GB Memory Stick only contains 3880MB (or something like that )
  11. Uh oh, i just need this one at school, "secrets", then i can see my mates' passwords! :iwasbornleet:
  12. Mr.Thunderbird


    Hi, French guy, welcome to wincert, enjoy your stay
  13. N0T $0 Z!mPL3 H3LL0 :bs_comehereyou:
  14. Hahahahaha ! I liked the GPS one !
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